Preserving Classic Horror Games

Metro: I'm a massive fan of the traditional survival horror genre, and despite the general negativity it has received I purchased Resident Evil - Code: Veronica X HD (when you're starved of something you like it's interesting what you'll do to experience such things again, and that includes paying £14.99 for something that isn't worth the money). I've now played a few classic games that have been re-issued in high definition form, and up until now have been very impressed with the output. This is the first time such an update turned out poorer than its original source as far as I'm concerned.

Apart from the implementation of shadows and improved water effects (and of course the higher resolution) very little has been done. Some people have almost exclusively used this as evidence that the game itself has badly aged, and hence that most games from the past don't age well on default. I don't believe this, or at least not to anywhere near the extent that they claim. I still think Code: Veronica is a (very) good game. Simple, yes. But badly aged? Absolutely not (whether you agree with me here or not depends on whether this type of game still appeals to you).

The real problem lies with the fact that a resolution upgrade by itself does nothing to improve a game visually.

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