GameStrike: Crysis (Xbox 360) Review

GS: "My review of the new release of Crysis for consoles. This game is only $20 to download so I think it is well worth the price but there is no online multiplayer."

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Bathyj2536d ago

I've been wondering why there not more reviews on Crysis.

Great game.

Crysis coming out put Rage on hold for me. Lucky. I dont think its my type of game, I might have dodged a bullet there.

Meanwhile Crysis is exactly my type of game.

DungBeetle2536d ago

It's an old game. In most ways it's just a review of the porting job.

Tyre2536d ago

It's weird that they didn't added the Crysis Launch trailer yet on PSN, XBL....console gamers who love FPSs and don't know about this game are missing out, this game is worth every penny.

Tyre2536d ago

In most aspects it is a new game still ahead in graphics/physics/gameplay/scal e.