PSXExtreme: Crysis (PS3) Review

The original Crysis debuted on the PC back in 2007, and the hype surrounding the game’s graphical prowess is legendary. For the most part, the game delivered the goods and those running fast computers saw the best-looking production of the generation. And although time moves fast and we’ve seen even more impressive visual presentations since, the graphics powerhouse still holds up surprisingly well. Unfortunately, a little something is lost in this conversion to consoles, even if the game remains a blast to play.

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CloseSecond2536d ago

My scores for this game on PS3:
- Gfx: 8.5/10
- Sfx: 9.0/10
- Gameplay: 9.0/10
- Value: 9.0/10

If you have access to the PS store and a spare 4gb on your HDD then this game is a must. Its easily one of the best fps games to come out on the PS3 this year!

mandf2536d ago

It was better than Crysis 2 in my opinion.