RAGE PC - First Patch Is Out

DSOGaming writes: "Bethesda has just released the first PC patch for the latest FPS game from iD Software, RAGE. As was promised, this patch adds – among other things – some video options with which players can adjust their gaming experience. As the release notes state, RAGE defaults to lower video settings to allow the game to work on a wide variety of hardware and software configurations."

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Kamikaze1352538d ago

Nice. I wonder....was this something they left out on purpose then added again when people got upset over it?

ninjahunter2538d ago

If you mean the settings none of them are really even worth adding customization. Texture cache is a fairly useless setting for customizing. and everything else you can control outside the game. I find this disappointing. They say their going to give us proper options and the give us a light switch thats not connected to anything.

Shadowaste2538d ago

the settings are still very bare bones, AA, AF, Resolution, V-sync and shaders, thats it......

The game runs perfect and looks ok, much , much better than the console version, but is nothing compared to games like the witcher 2.

The gameplay itself is a 7/10 at best imo!

gumchewinasskikr2538d ago

I keep hearing the issues with pc is happening on ATI cards. Is this true. I want it on pc but have a radeon 5870 will the game work? Thanks for the info

AfricanWoolf2538d ago

I have a radeon 5850 and I'm still having problems - will try the new patch and let you know.

gumchewinasskikr2538d ago

African woolf

Thanks bro. They had better straighten this shit out or I just might get the ps3 version.

BattleAxe2538d ago


Yeah, that'll teach them.....

pctrollv42538d ago

i have the same setup, the game runs perfect with the ati newest driver and this patch..absoluely no popins, just make sure u get rid of the ageconfig.exe if you ever created one, but as far as the video card, it woks flawlessly now

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Bereaver2538d ago

I also agree with you Shadowaste.


Bolts2538d ago

LOL id's incompetence knows no bounds. The patch broke Steam achievements and made the game looks worst on players using custom settings...settings that they were forced to research and carefully tweak to get Rage working in the first place.

ninjahunter2538d ago

Ya... screw it, preordering Skyrim. Maby they will figure out what fans want next year.

MWH2538d ago

after what id? the Rage is already on. i hope this will calm down the PC gamers community.

ninjahunter2538d ago

This was pretty much throwing gas on the fire. Im probably not getting rage this year but All of these settings are useless and/or are controlled by the graphics card settings.

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