Why I hope there are no more 'Souls' games after Dark Souls

From Software shouldn’t compromise its vision further, and it’s a pony that’s running out of tricks anyway. A third game will start to dilute that brilliant vision that From Software has.


Review for the game to accompany this piece:

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caboose322540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Because there was too much sunlight in Dark Souls and the grass was too green in some places?

Oh man.

MattS2540d ago

Because From Software is trying too hard now. Dark Souls is the limit. Push further in the direction it's going, and it'll become just another good, but generic RPG series.

Ser2540d ago

I disagree. I see a lot of untapped potential in the Souls series.

They just need to get the dedicated servers back. The PVP is rubbish at the moment.

Bereaver2539d ago

Like you honestly have any clue what you're talking about?

How much experience do you have with "From Software"?

How many games have you helped develop?

SilentNegotiator2539d ago


What an eye-roller of an argument. Let me guess, I can't criticize police brutality because I'm not a cop? I can't criticize corruption because I'm not a politician? I can't criticize Michael Vick's dog fighting because I'm not a football player?

Bereaver2539d ago

Since when does brutality have anything directly to do with police? It's a crime in my eyes.

Since when does dog fighting have anything to do with Football?

You need to open your eyes.

I can't believe I got 9 disagrees for stating that someone that doesn't know about a particular thing can judge it.

And for all that didn't know, my reply was to the guy with 2 agrees, 37 disagrees and counting.

Not to DrakBlack. He's right.

Baka-akaB2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

You are crazy ... If they were out of trick , Demon souls wouldnt have existed in the first place , and it all would have stopped at King's field , the spiritual ancestor

BlindGuardian2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

soon after Dark Souls was confirmed as the title (it was Project Dark) the game's director said in an interview that after this game they were planning to start work on Demon's Souls 2

then it was never mentioned again, probably because he realized he wasn't supposed to said that, I used to have the link but it stopped working

Winter47th2539d ago

Hey Bereaver you should STFU now before anymore of your dignity gets obliterated.

Autodidactdystopia2539d ago

I want light souls and grey souls too

BattleAxe2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I think this whole 'Souls' thing has gotten way out of control.

MysticStrummer2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Thank God you're in the minority. Give me more ______ Souls games. I loved Demon's Souls, and I'm loving Dark Souls. By the way, the limit of your imagination isn't the limit of everyone else's. @Silent_Negotiator - Actually, your comment is the eye roller. What MattS is saying is like a plumber telling a SWAT member how to conduct a raid. He knows nothing about it, but still thinks he knows what's best. Even if he's a member of a development team, he's not a member of the Demon's/Dark Souls team, so he doesn't know a thing about how creative they are and what ideas they may already have for a sequel. He thinks they hit their limit, so it must be the truth. Give me a break, and give me more of these games.

jeseth2539d ago

I understand where the author is coming to. I wish they had named it Demon's Souls again... no Demon's Souls 2 but something like Demon's Souls : Return of The Old One, Demon's Souls : The Old One Lurks...or something like that.

Then I could see a Demon's Souls trilogy. That would be great.

But by calling it Dark Souls it, to me, took away from the Demon's Souls beginning. I really felt like if they were going to make a "sequel" then they should keep the name, build a stronger plot, and create a build up to a 3rd and FINAL game.

Now that it is Dark Souls I feel like they went in a direction that could lead to more underwhelming sequels. Demons Souls was mystical in its own right and too many sequels will definitely water down its amazing memory.

Too many sequels in video games do nothing but cloud the memory and incredible impact of the original games of a franchise.

DaTruth2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I think they stayed so true to the Demon's Souls formula that they can just keep churning them out like this!

Same gameplay, different world, FTW!!!

I'm just so impressed with this game! The amazing part is, it is hardly a story, just pure gameplay; and it does it so well! I don't even remember the story!

Vaud-Villian2539d ago

The logic of this article proves why they make games, and you guys dont. Your image of the future installments is limited by what you have seen, any great developer is unlimited by what we haven't.

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ikkokucrisis2540d ago

Wait, these are the same guys that made armour core series. Yea, they made like 10 of those prepared!

Proxy2540d ago

I'd like it.

I've been happy with Dark Souls because it's just more of the same, and I'll want more of the same a 3rd and 4th time too, so keep them coming.

Philoctetes2539d ago

Yep, "more of the same" is 100% fine with me. Dark Souls is great so far.

FriedGoat2539d ago

@proxy I was going to say the same thing, Well said.

ThanatosDMC2539d ago

The only thing I want changed is that they should use dedicated servers. It's so hard to invade or join people in Dark Souls and I have damn good internet. 20mbps download and 13mbps upload and I keep failing to summon or invade.

fallingdove2539d ago

While I absolutely love the Souls games (Played Demon's for over 150 hours), if they make a third entry, I hope they create some new audio and graphical assets. While Dark is new to 360 only players, having played Demon's Souls as much as I have, the game feels more like a big expansion pack than a spiritual sequel.

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colonel1792539d ago

The only thing I hope is that they put a fing pause button the next time around. It is impossible for me to play because I have a lot of distractions. I need to PAUSE games in order to attend what I need to do and come back, and with this game is impossible for me to do that, which make it impossible for me to play more that 10 min. :(

Baliw2539d ago

You can quit the game from the game menu and when you log on again everything will be the same as when you left.

JoePrime2539d ago

You lose all of your Souls when you quit the game though, and you start at the bonfire. I agree the lack of a "Pause" is very frustrating - my only recourse is to find a secluded corner and hope no one comes hunting me while I'm not looking.

I understand the game is uncompromisingly hard and a Pause feature would go against that, but if there is no enemy near me and I'm secluded, let me Pause so I can answer the door, or let the dog out, etc. Real world stuff happens regardless of what's going on in the game world's schedule.

grifter0242539d ago

Holy crap I agree Caboose...just read the PARAGRAPH more than an article.

So in a earth based world its bad to show the damn sun...hahaha. Who is this guy.

Spenok2539d ago

Wow, what a terrible article. Im going through the game myself right now, and i actually like the fact that some of the levels feature sunlight (it gives me the chance to admire the bleak lonely art direction and architecture)

And as well as DrakBlack says, there is still a lot of untapped potential in this series.

showtimefolks2539d ago

Whatbi like is the devs said no dlc for dark souls because all the content is on the disk. How you like that now a days when even a 5/10 game gets dlc. So if they can keep up the quality and improve upon what fans want why not make another game like dark souls maybe not a direct sequel

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Kamikaze1352540d ago

It's silly for people to say things like this. If you don't want to play anymore games like Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, then don't play them. There is no point in hoping no more will come out when there is a decent fanbase. Nobody is forcing you to play.

banner2540d ago

I agree.. While I have had demon souls for quite some time and didn't get very far cause it's hard and at times I just couldn't understand it. However I did see some of the magic in the game and many ppl like it.

Even if you don't feel like dark souls lives up to your hype it has to many others, reviews say so.. So why would you want to stop a good thing? If the game was horrible I would understand but from what I've read it's not..

Blaine2539d ago

Demon's Souls was, and still is, one of my favorites games this gen, if not ever.

At first, I didn't like Dark Souls very much. But the more I played it, the more I loved it. 50 hours* in now, and now I can easily say Dark Souls blows Demon's Souls out of the water.

Dark Souls is easily one of the best games I've every played.

*Yes, I got the game Tuesday... yes, I have no life right now, and Dark Souls hooked me hard.

Slapshot822539d ago

The reason that people rave over the Souls series is because it's terribly difficult, but it's never actually unfair.

When you die in the game, it's your fault that you died. Maybe you should have read a few of those clues on the ground? Maybe you should have taken you time to scout out a bit more before rushing in?

It's this kind of gameplay that makes the game so rewarding, because when you know it's your fault that you just ate six feet of dirt for breakfast, when you do defeat whatever it is that stands in your way, it makes it that much rewarding.

Demon Souls was fantastic, but it was clear that their budget was pushed to the limit. Dark Souls obviously had a much larger budget - from Demon Souls successful sales - and if the profits from Dark Souls is in turn used to develop the next game in this line of fantastic games, then it will only continue to get better and better.

However, I do hope that the games don't become a yearly release though. If that was to become the case, then the quality of the games would tarnish and what is currently something fantastic, will start to become corrosive.

banner2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )


I get what your saying but not only was it hard, in my case I didn't understand it much. Was I dead? How important was the death when I was already dead?!

I beat that metal slug looking thing that reminded me of devilmay cry for some reason, of course with out the over the top action but it had almost the same level design and stuff as the one when you fight the slug in dmc. That took many tries bit once I got it then came that huge knight that took forever, even after reading all the clues but after days and leveling up I got it.

Those were the only 2 boss fight I got to do before I just gave up. I just kept dying loosing all my souls and just confused cause I was able to go almost anywhere but obviously with no success.

I just may give it another shot from scratch again though. My fighter was a knight and if I remember right all the other characters seemed to have all the cool stuff like magic. So here's to another shot at the game over the week, see if I can get a better understanding of the game maybe I just missed some important dialogue or info when I first started.

Like I said I saw some of the magic in the game and beating those 2 bosses gave me a great feeling that mostt games to this day still don't give me.

princejb1342539d ago

i agree with you i have demon souls don't like it cause i couldn't get past the stupid fire boss, so didn't bother buying dark souls

Solidus187-SCMilk2540d ago

I want more. Im not done yet with dark souls, but i would always want more of this game.

More killer monsters, more weapons/armor, more areas, more bosses. just more of the same would be fine with me.

zeal0us2540d ago

Too bad they won't make(or haven't announce) Ninja Blade 2.
The term "Dead Souls" is already taken by the developers Yakuza.

-Demon Souls
-Dark Souls

Devil Souls sound pretty good but it would probably censor in most of the western part of the world.

chadachada1232540d ago

Naw man, Devil is a perfectly fine word to use in the Western world. Devil Wears Prada, Devil May Cry, Devil (M. Night Shymalana, I'm too lazy to look up his name).

The key seems to be to have an odd number of words in your title though...

For some games or developers, I'd be inclined to agree, but I wouldn't say that about Devil Souls. Maybe Disaster Souls...with a new focus on environmental threats...

Kishin2539d ago

The New Jersey Devils hockey team :D

jspc19892539d ago

Honestly they should name it 'YOU DIED Souls' :-P, that way it would literally explain the whole premise of the game in the name lol...

TheDivine2539d ago

Ninja Blade was prob the best ninja game ever made imo. Super underrated. From have some good games but they need good publishing. I hope the Souls games become a new final fantasy where they change the world and minor things but it keeps the same basic premise and gameplay. I like how dark souls is a new world with some new mechanics but the gameplay is ripped from demons souls, its amazing. I will say demons souls was better just for the fact that everything was new and i loved the nexus. Most awesome setting ever and i think it worked better with levels but that didnt fit with dark souls so i respect them changing it so its not a total regurgitation of demons. Back to grinding to get my first miracle, ughh.

christheredhead2540d ago

if they can keep expanding everything at the base of the game then im all for it. what i like about dark souls is they took demons souls and expanded upon it much more than i would have originally thought. keep that up and ill buy more "souls" games.