Rochard Wins Multiple Accolades at Unity Awards

PSPWorld: Today we're proud to announce that Recoil Game's Rochard was the recipient of two Unity Awards, Best Graphics and Best Game Play, at the 5th Annual Unity Developer Conference in San Francisco on September 29. Unity Award finalists display some of the best and brightest professional and amateur talent within the video game industry across platforms from iOS and Facebook to PlayStation 3 and PC. R ochard, which was built using the Unity Engine and is the first console game to run on Unity, was nominated for three awards at the show, and released last week on the PlayStation ® Network.

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PixL2542d ago

I spent the whole yesterday playing it through. It's a gem! Enjoyable platforming, shooting, nice story and great, colorful graphics. If you're looking for a platformer with some shooting and puzzles, get Rochard. Very satisfactory purchase (and about 7 hours of gameplay).

memots2542d ago

Too bad its only on psn otherwise if this was on the other service it would be like the third coming.

You know like the downloadable one that Cliffy B made.?

PixL2542d ago

You mean Shadow Complex? It is a bit similar. I was very positive after the demo but the full game got me bored after several chapters and I never finished it. Not the case with Rochard, you get some new feature of your gun every so with the progress, puzzles and enemies change too. IMO Rochard is much better.