The official strategy guide of Dark Souls gets a big discount

An online retailer is currently offering a 45% big discount for the official strategy guide of the recently-released Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 title, Dark Souls.

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norman292475d ago

I think strategy guides are a waste of money these days, especially when you can get it all on the internet for free

crematory2475d ago

bayonetta future press guide was a must to unlocks every thing on the game+ it has impressive content even include video gamplay tips

now it cost 100$ on ebay!!!

may be dark souls guide would be the same in this case u should buy it now before becoming very rare

Ramas2475d ago

I never ever bought any strategy guide for any game, but thinking maybe let dark sould guide be my first, becouse i do not like guides on pdf format, i downloaded guide that they offered with limited edition purchse, but was not happy it was simply tesing me to get full guide and physical copy.

Spenok2474d ago

Man, and to think I just bought the guide from Gamestop 2 days ago.

bjh0892473d ago

i bought the guide and its pretty legit and doesnt take away from the experience at all. i simply look at it if im curious bout where a specific merchant is at or whats a good strategy for bosses.