Batman Arkham City Pre-order Debacle

Batman Arkham City is looking to be a must have this fall. Retailers everywhere are offering some great pre-order bonuses. It seems Walmart, Kmart, and Gamestop are giving the gamers the most bang for their buck including free games, coupons, and digital media. Goozernation has all the details about the pre-orders for Batman Arkham City.

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Baka-akaB2598d ago

The exclusive bonus crap just nailed the coffin on my already improbable day one purchase .

i wasnt keen on buying it day one given the imo more important games on my hell schedule , but that kind of silly things settle it .

See you later with a "goty/whatever edition" and everything

JTX2598d ago

I don't like all this retailer exclusive dlc stuff and wish they would just sell us the whole game...but no way in hell I'm not buying my most anticipated game of the year on release day because of it.

ScubaSteve12598d ago

walmart wins the preorder by the best

fallacious2598d ago

Already pre-ordered mine from walmart,can't wait!

Jeff2572598d ago

If I didn't already have Batman Arkham Asylum I would buy AC from Wal-Mart. But since Gamestop had a good deal and the other DLC will come in time I went with them. Also have the game fully paid off. Now I just have to wait patiently until the 18th.

ginsunuva2598d ago

How about preordering Uncharted 3 and buying AC normally.

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