Child of Eden PS3 Review

Child of Eden has finally arrived for PS3 (approximately 3 months after its 360 counterpart) and the cornucopia of colors and music is an absolute blast to play. To call this game a "unique shooter" would be the best description I can give but still far from the truth.

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Ulf2509d ago

From the article:
"The PS3 Move setup holds an edge over it’s Kinect counterpart. It controlled better and was more fun to play."

When I tried this game out, I had the exact same feeling. I have no idea why journalists went so nuts over the Kinect version, and not the Move version.

egidem2509d ago

This was due to the amount of hype that was generated around Kinect at the time of the game's launch in June. There was no Move version available then.

I wouldn't be surprised if this trend continues with multiplatform games like these resulting in the Move version being better.

Hozi2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Long Live Playstation. Long live Move! Long Live Play!

KingSlayer2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

It shouldn't be a shock the version of the game with a controller is better.

PixL2509d ago

$500m of brainwashing seems to work.

Venox20082509d ago

I love this game, no matter on what platform it is.. REZ too!

Wh15ky2508d ago

Rented and played this game last night and there is no way it is a 9/10 game. I would have been gutted if I had bought it.

As a retail game originally priced at £29.99 it is a 4 or 5/10, If it was a download only game for under a tenner it would be a 7/10 game at best.

Just_Gamer2508d ago

One day, you will understand. When you meet Mary.