Tech-Gaming | Orcs Must Die Review

Blending sword-swinging, shooting, and stratagem into a gratifying blend, Orcs Must Die supplies a solid six hours of gameplay for its fifteen dollar price. While it would have been satisfying to have seen some multiplayer elements, AI archers and knights prohibit the title’s merciless mazes from becoming too desolate.

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madmad2504d ago

For some reason, I was expecting "B" scores after playing the demo.

deserteaglexix2504d ago

Thanks for posting, as always.

sharpsword2504d ago

So is a PS3 version coming out? All I've heard is about the 360 and Stream versions.

mediastudies2504d ago

Good game, really like the demo but it should be $10.

AngelFuria2502d ago

Downloading the demo now...