Crysis Tanks Blowing it up Gameplay Movie (Xbox 360)

This Crysis gameplay video shows tanks blowing it all up.

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SantistaUSA2353d ago

Looks pretty good, wished I could demo it tho. Already have it for PC so can't justify buying it again.

dirthurts2353d ago

Yeah I was thinking that too. Although I did consider another purchase just to see how it feels with the new suit controls.

lykaice2353d ago

Crysis 1 all over again! Damn, it feels like yesterday :D

turgore2353d ago

Looks amazing. Gonna get it off PSN.

ElementX2353d ago

I got my copy on PSN. It's a great game but I haven't played much because of Dark Souls and Rage. Still playing Dead Island, also :)

Troll-without-Bridge2353d ago

Its a great FPS, despite being military its quite unusual and with fantastic gameplay elements.

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