Crysis Throwing Grenades in the Jungle Gameplay Movie (Xbox 360)

This Crysis gameplay video shows grenades blowing people up in the jungle.

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BiggCMan2478d ago

I'm very pleased with how this turned out. One thing I noticed though was how weird the silenced weapons sound now compared to the original version. I don't like how they sound now, but that's just me being a little picky. Otherwise, this really surprised me and I look forward to buying it soon. Does anyone know if the multiplayer is in it?

Bob5702478d ago

There's a lot of sweet physics missing from the console version.

evrfighter2478d ago

looks like physics is missing from the console version

Tyre2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

You probably haven't played it urself,cause the physics are great, better than most console games. The physics are there, stop mentioning unnecessary missing physics, the best physics are in there. Why don't u mention that most physics are there and that is amazing for Crysis running on Xbox360/PS3.

Bob5702477d ago

I've had it on PC for a long time. Why would I play the console version?