DGP: Forza Motorsport 4 is breathtakingly beautiful

DGP: "Forza 4’s dashing good looks immediately dazzle you, and what a tasty looker it is. I can’t iterate enough just how breathtakingly beautiful this game is."

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Dont take it to heart kaveti6616, all i was trying to prove was if their are better sims out their then why are we settling for second best?? Either copy or improve the best one or dont make one at all. Capice.

greatjimbo782416d ago

Not even you knew what you were trying to prove. You just made it up as you went along didn't you? Be honest.
You had no point. You just thought you would try that trolling thing your only friend told you about.

baodeus2416d ago

then perhaps u should go for the real racing sim on PC instead of Forza or GT. Why settle for 2nd/3rd best?

kaveti66162415d ago

I knew exactly what you were saying.

You think that GT5 is the king of racers. You think Forza 4 is second-best.

But when someone can prove that neither of these games even comes close to PC sims, you backpedal.

GT5 and Forza 4 are so closer to each other in terms of what they offer and in terms of their comparison to PC sims that it's not even worth noting their differences.

Compared to PC sims, they are both mediocre.

Therefore, this little competition that ignorant console fanatics have between GT and Forza is laughable and depressing at the same time.

You ask why people "settle" for Forza?

Why did you "settle" for GT?

Janitor2416d ago

I couldn't resist any longer, pre-ordered on Amazon when I saw they finally added a $10 credit, gonna put that toward BF3.

Anyway, really looking forward to playing this game, to be honest I was very let down by GT5, and always considered Forza 3 to be the superior game. This is just the opinion of one lowly Janitor, please don't flame me, we all have our own opinions on these things.

ambientFLIER2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

GT5's premium cars have an edge over Forza's, BUT there are only 200 of them, 80% of the cars are less than impressive and lack a proper interior view. That, combined with better environments in the xbox game, makes for an overall better graphical presentation.

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