Dark Souls Cheats, Infinite Souls, Easy Humanity & More

Here are some great farming methods to get infinite Souls and Humanity. There is also info on exactly how to get the Drake Sword and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring. Plus, find out the tricks to returning to the Undead Asylum and killing the Red Dragon with one arrow.

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Laxman2162330d ago

There be no cheats in there.

ScubaSteve12330d ago

cough duplication glitch cough cough

Laxman2162330d ago

Thats a glitch. I look at a 'Cheat' in the traditional sense of being a code or something you use to get a desired, albiet usually unfair, effect.

Im glad there are no cheats for Dark Souls. It would ruin it.

HacSawJimThugin2330d ago

Ive been farming souls off of the dragon since day like a charm but mad tedious and boring after a few minutes.It's still very well worth it though:)

Cerberus292330d ago

Farming souls from the dragon works good early on... but once you start getting to higher levels that require much more souls, it just isn't worth the time.