Tetris: Axis falls into place on the 3DS Preview GamerFitNation

MyaSharona is over the moon about Nintendo's newest Tetris, Tetris: Axis. But without a 3DS she is going to miss out. Will you? "If you’ve ever met me in person or online, at a gaming event, on a not so crowded street, or even in an online chat, chances are you have discovered that I love all kinds of things Tetris. Tetris was one of the very first games I fell for on the GameBoy and it remained a staple for me throughout many platforms in the years that followed. Something about the special relationships, the colours, and of course the tunes, just had me hooked."

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xtheownerzx2473d ago

I love Tetris games and i got a 3DS so i gotta check this one out!

fredolopez2473d ago

wish i had me a 3DS to try this out. this is so awesome!!