Batman: Arkham Asylum writer wants to do superman game

Paul Dini, writer of Batman: Arkham Asylum has his eyes on more superhero games.

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Sickr2542d ago

The title made me chuckle.

princejb1342541d ago

yes yes rocksteady take it take it
matter a fact do all the superhero video games that have failed in these past years


I think everyone wants to do the game I mean.

Rynx2540d ago

In Paul Dini I trust

milohighclub2541d ago

I would like them to do a superman game 2.

MegaSackman2541d ago

A Kingdom Come game must happen next.

maniacmayhem2541d ago

Paul Dini if i remember wrote for Batman:TAS. And that series was bad ass.

If he was on board for Superman i would sleep soundly at night knowing its in good hands.

Baka-akaB2541d ago

Well that's natural , AA is hardly is most famous and biggest project .

Remember the legendary Batman TAS , Superman TAS ? That was pretty much him and bruce timm behind it .

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The story is too old to be commented.