Worldwide Weekly Chart Week Ending 01st Oct 2011

Worldwide Hardware:

3DS 225,114 (-2%)
X360 187,342 (-8%)
PS3 176,485 (+3%)
Wii 94,136 (-0%)
DS 83,025 (-0%)
PSP 74,446 (0%)
PS2 29,114 (+3%)

Worldwide Software:

1: (PS3) FIFA Soccer 12 - 1,767,622
2: (X360) FIFA Soccer 12 - 1,241,933
3: (X360) Gears of War 3 - 647,084
4: (PS3) The ICO & Shadow of the Co... - 158,182
5: (PSP) The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Ki... - 132,295
6: (PS3) F1 2011 - 86,374
7: (PS3) Shin Sangoku Musou 6 Moushouden - 82,542
8: (X360) Dead Island - 75,213
9: (X360) X-Men: Destiny - 69,220
10: (X360) F1 2011 - 66,524

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LOGICWINS2541d ago

WOW...the 360 version of Dead Island is still in the top 10? Thats friggin awesome.

buddymagoo2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Even more impressive is Fifa 12 selling the most on PS3 and the PS3 and PS2 are the only consoles with positive growth. PS2 is a monster!

Bigpappy2541d ago

360 didn't even get a price cut yet. What does that say about the power of Gears?

LOGICWINS2541d ago

Mighty powerful if you ask me. The PS3 was outselling the 360 worldwide for the weeks before Gears 3 came out..but every week since Gears 3 came out, the 360 has been outselling the PS3 worldwide. Fantastic job by Microsoft.

This proves that exclusives really do matter.

Unicron2541d ago

This proves that exclusives really do matter.

Yeah but especially on this site, that argument flipflops depending on what the popular game of the moment is...

kikizoo2541d ago

9000 consoles from vgchartz don't mean "outselling", at best they sold the same worldwide...

the real information here is : ps3 multiplatforms sold a lot more than xbox one.(500 000 fifa is huge)

SilentNegotiator2540d ago

"360 didn't even get a price cut yet. What does that say about the power of Gears?"

That according to VGChartz, who always get their hardware numbers wrong by a lot and fix them when official numbers release, the 360 sold a mere 10K more than the ps3 on the 2nd week of its biggest game launch of the year.

It means that the 360 needs its absolute best just to make its sales beat the PS3 worldwide for a two weeks by a number you can barely measure with a ruler in the large scale of things.

And as has been said, it also means that exclusives DO matter. But I'm sure this instance will be forget when the tides turn.

And it sold 647,084 in the entire second week. I don't really think this reflects Gears of War's hardware selling abilities. The highest selling game of that week was FIFA. For the ps3.

Micro_Sony2541d ago

As much as I h8 NINTENDO for letting me down with the Wii, I got to give them props sales wise.

Congrats Nintendo you managed to kick $ony's and M$ @$$ with a inferior console ;)

LOGICWINS2541d ago

"Congrats Nintendo you managed to kick $ony's and M$ @$$ with a inferior console ;)"

The Wii is inferior to the PS3/360 hardware wise, but the Wii as a console just happened to appeal to a much wider audience than both the 360/PS3 combined. This is why Nintendo has sold so many.

Micro_Sony2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Your correct but I think the fact that a much wider audience (casuals) bought the Wii and the hardcore like me also bought a Wii makes a huge difference in how the Wii is selling and has sold.

I sold my Wii 2 years ago but will buy another one for Zelda Skyward Sword.

Nintendo need to jump on the Limited edition band wagon and give me a gold Zelda Wii with the attached crest on the side of the Wii

Please make this happen Nintendo.

Eu2541d ago

The fact that the Wii was/is uberlly CHEAP from the get go had nothing with Nintendo being in the first one of the worst economic recessions since the Crash of 1929....ok then.

longcat2540d ago


Logic be the kryptonite of n4g

TheOneYouHate2541d ago

Looks like Sony's products went up in sales this year. The other companies lost sales..... unfortunate I guess.

josephayal2541d ago

The 360 is the worldwide boss

Sarevok2541d ago

3DS 225,114 (-2%)
X360 187,342 (-8%)

SilentNegotiator2540d ago

He's obviously just trying to rub in the 10K less the ps3 sold. Like it matters that the 360 outsold the ps3 by a mere 10K on the 2nd week of it selling its biggest exclusive of the entire year.

And....AHEM. It's VGChartz. They've shown that they can't even track NA numbers right, let alone worldwide. They always end up greatly adjusting the hardware totals when the official numbers release.

Gamer30002541d ago

"X360 187,342 (-8%)
PS3 176,485 (+3%) "
i see -8% on xbox
and +3% for ps3
ps3 is going back on top again

kikizoo2541d ago

Only at vgchartz, this week...each years since 2007, it's ps3, and nobody can expect that next years will be different, with much more great exclusives, better hardware, freeonline, bluray, etc (but we have to admit that marketing and biased medias work, because the difference are not as huge as they should be)

Dante1122541d ago

@ jose

Well according to the very same site (VGchartz), they have the PS3 ahead of the 360 by a little over 1 million worldwide this year.

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