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XBOXHome: "Sadly, the most interesting facet of this game is probably the cover art. For long time fans of the X-Men franchise it’s somewhat disheartening to see such a title released sporting its namesake, but you can’t win them all can you?"

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NegativeCreep4272541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I'll still give it a try, despite the popular negative reviews it has received.

Negative reviews by the "wide press" should never be held as holy word. After all, Final Fantasy 12 received mostly negative reviews, but I loved that game. FFXII was defiantly better than Final Fantasy 13.

Baka-akaB2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Still it's hard to give that game a pass . And FFXII didnt really received negative reviews , or at least very few . It was some fans that were vocal against it , even more so after famitsu gave it a (rather deserved) perfect score .

It is ugly and subpar looking , something most will at least agree upon ...
And imo a major crme when you adapt a comic books serie . Especially with activision as a multi recidivist .

Then if you're a comics fan , you'll be let down by their absymal use of the franchise's lore , or even the great skills of actual current xmen writer , Mike Carey .

Then the gameplay is mediocre ... i mean thor beat them all mediocre . And you'll fight almost the same foes the whole game

Finalement the so called rpg elements and choice system is poor and another crime toward the franchise . Hardly any grey area and potential branchs... you're a sucker for the x guys or the brotherhood ...

The game's only saving grace is that it finally caught up to some "recent" xmen comics events , instead of rehashing plots from the 90s .

maniacmayhem2541d ago

I played and finished this game and i can honestly say this game is absolute garbage. I can see if reviewers where split down the middle but every review has been crap and they're right!

4 combos total, gamecube/ps2 grafx, terrible level design and repetitive gameplay. The only saving grace is they hand out trophies/chievos for every little thing you do.

Gamefly this when there is nothing else to gamefly.