Skyrim's epic map surfaces in Russian

Skyrim's map has made an appearance online. One issue? It's in Russian.

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omi25p2504d ago

I thought it was a 3D map like shown in the videos. Or is this map just a zoomed out version

Jacks_Medulla2504d ago

I believe this is the "burlap" map you get for pre-ordering the game.

TopDudeMan2504d ago

Why do they change the names of the places in the russian version of the game? Surely a place's name is constant across languages?

TomInc2504d ago

Something to do with the accents. You've seen Star Trek right?! That almost ended in death!

Sprud2504d ago

I don't know Russian, but the names just might be the same. The Russians just use another alphabet.

Just_Gamer2504d ago

The names are the same, only written in Russian alphabet.

It's like when you want to write the name of Владимир Путин, you write it like this: Vladimir Putin.

Whore_Mouth2504d ago

Gamestop has this map on their site, in English.

MaxOpower2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Pleas link!

Is this it?

TomInc2504d ago

You mean as part of the pre-order? If an image like this please link =) Would like to see the difference with names!

renegade2504d ago

Man, I can't wait for this game!

Hozi2504d ago

Screw this map man....I wanna dive right into to acround killing Frost Trolls and Slaying Dragons. I want more gameplay footage!

kcuthbertson2503d ago

Don't know how anyone could disagree with that...

SneeringImperialist2503d ago

You got 3 disagree's for agreeing about not disagreeing do you agree?

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