Weekly CryEngine 3 Gallery [02 - 08 October]

DSOGaming writes: "Even though we were disappointed with Crysis 2′s visuals, modders around the world decided to give Crytek’s engine a shot and show us what it’s capable of. So, today we bring you some new artistic shots from Nevil112, Duruk’s mind-blowing map and blackhorizon’s one for the halloween entry and some custom Single Player shots from [LSD]Timewarp82."

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Orpheus2540d ago

I wish there had been a weekly 4A engine gallery.

Pandamobile2540d ago

there's not exactly much of a modding community for that.

STONEY42540d ago

"not exactly much" is being generous. More like none, lol. Looked amazingly good enough vanilla though.

STONEY42540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Lol @ the first image in the gallery. Photoshopped images much? Someone's obviously using the stock Photoshop lens flare effect. I mean, seriously. I just made this right now for comparison, the EXACT same lens flare.

Compared to the first image....

Kurylo3d2537d ago

and that cant exist in engine why? Lens flares exist in the most crappy engines.

STONEY42534d ago

It's not about the fact that it's a lens flare. It's the fact that it's the same lens flare as the Photoshop lens flare, down to the little blue dots, which means it's not an in-engine effect. No other lens flare looks like that. I know all of the Photoshop effects like the back of my hand, and that's unmistakable.

Kurylo3d2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

how do u think lens flares are made? Photoshop... how do u think all art assets are made for a game engine... photoshop :/ I mean im not saying your wrong, but its possible it was just created using photoshops lens flare to be used in engine...