Are old games too hard?

Following on from the release of the NES games on 3DS, ONM asks if retro games are too difficult.

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TomInc2476d ago

After an hour with Zelda I wanted to throw my 3DS into a wall.

egidem2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

I think this is how I reacted just after 10 minutes with Mega Man 1 -

stragomccloud2476d ago

I just beat the first Zelda a few days ago after much much suffering...
The second one.... I don't know if I'm going to be able to beat that one. XP penalty for whenever you get hit... is nothing short of cruel and unusual punishment. What the heck were they thinking????!!!!

ChickeyCantor2476d ago


People are just accustom to checkpoints, regenerating health etc etc.

Back then the game designs may have been less "perfect". But you had to rely on your skills and HOPE you dont see the gameover screen.

mike1up2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Well said.

It was all about skill back in the day. A gamer had to eat, sleep and sh*t a game 24/7 to master it.

swice2475d ago

DAMN I miss those days...seriously. Compared to life as an adult?

Jirachi2476d ago

Some are(loz:aol,smb:lost levels,megaman 1,etc.)
But others i wouldn't say are harder then normal loz 1 was pretty easy until level 6.
super mario bros isn't really hard until world 8.

Smb 3 is even with the 3d marios I'd say(that is to say it's easy enough to beat the game but hard to 100%) Donkey kong country it seemed like the first one and the third were easy while 2 was hard.

stragomccloud2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

I've never been able to clear the industrial world in Donkey Kong Country. Epic failure on my part. And I've been off and on trying that since that game was brand new! Wow... those were the days... Can't beat Castlevania III either. It's still in my NES... but I ended up just buying it on Virtual Console... Come to think of it... I have a whole slew of incomplete games starting from about 1989. lol

Venox20082476d ago

well I think new gamers are more soft.. but there are some retro games that I can't finish, like Ninja gaiden series on NES :) that's really hard :) new games are becoming easer and easer, to appeal to new demographic like casuals (I mean lot's of casuals love COD series, I know lots of friends) ... one of the most easy games this games was Enslaved (don't get me wrong I liked this game), but you can't fall in a style of game like prince of persia, that's an insult..

Guitardr852476d ago

Well said!

It's not like these games have gotten harder over the course of time so the only alternative is...

Gamers have gotten wimpy!, lol

Whitefox7892476d ago

I was able to beat the first two Ninja Gaiden NES games only cause it was generous enough to give you unlimited continues, the third one though. Only three continues after that you have to start over unless you just constantly use the password system.

I definitely have to say when Demon Soul's came out and reviewers were knocking it down because it was too difficult it made me want to puke. The increase in difficulty can bring many frustrations however it just makes it all the more worth it.

gillri2476d ago

well development costs are soo high these days it would be stupid to spend $50 million on a AAA game only for 10% of the audience to be able to complete it

I recently got and completed a game called outland on XBLA, it was pretty darn good but it was hard at times

obviously that game is a 2D platformer so it wouldnt ahve cost that much

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The story is too old to be commented.