Battlefield 3 weapon attachments

A full list and breakdown of all the weapon attachments in Battlefield 3.

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xc7x2543d ago

that's it?!?! i already got all those in the beta and ya get no more? lame.

SJPFTW2543d ago

sorry they didnt have time for a easy bake oven underbarrel attachment

Slappy McGee2543d ago

I would so pay for that. Killing enemies with my light bulb toasted baked goods of justice!!

sharpsword2543d ago

thanks for posting these.

DB92543d ago

I hate the fact that you have to unlock everything for every single weapon, over and over again. Why can't I use a scope I unlocked earlier? Where's the fun in unlocking the same thing 20 times?

Kyosuke_Sanada2543d ago

I agree, the should have just added more weapons but I kinda understand why because nowadays gamers would complain if they didn't unlock an exp reward for every 5 steps.