Hardcore, Casual, and Why I Don't Care

Video games are a medium. Indeed, they’re one of the, if not the most quickly advancing medium in the history of the world. They also happen to be one of the most controversial, engaging, and exciting. Like any art form, there are masterpieces and disasters, cheap imitators and unique triumphs. There are those who staunchly, stubbornly stand by their favorite works, claiming those they prefer have greater artistic merit than all others. These people refer to themselves as hardcore, choosing to believe that they alone are Real Gamers on a mission from Arcadia to save the world from the looming threat of casual games.

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dangert122478d ago

I do care not for what the 'casual crowd want to play' but for the fact alot of games have been made with less depth to be more accessible for the casual crowd...thats when i have a problem with casuals Its not there fault at all and really i should have a problem with them it should be the devs/publishers but if the casuals wearnt so easy this would't happen in the end It tones down and ruins alot of games that sold well enough and apealed to the core...kz2 >kz3 is an example

firefoxprime2477d ago

What a loser. He clearly cares enough to waste his time blogging about it. I wasted my time posting "this".

Difference? I'm man enough to admit it :P

Jourdy2882477d ago

Perhaps I should have mentioned that while I'm all for seeing games reach a greater audience, I'm completely against dumbing down games. That just sucks.

jessupj2477d ago

I pretty much feel the same way. I hate the fact that so many games have been dumbed down just to appeal to the casuals.

I admit I'm a bit ignorant because I just can't comprehend that if someone can play and enjoy a game like angry birds, surely they can appriciate a bigger, better game with a lot more depth and quality.

It's kinda like the saying "ïf you're gonna do it, do it right". That's not to say casual gamers are doing it wrong though.

ShaunCameron2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Actually, games are not being dumbed down. Games are more or less returning to their pick-up-and-play roots that have been abandoned around the 32/64-bit era.

I can comprehend, because I all but given up on video games entirely after the 16-bit era save EA Sports games.

Not everybody has the time or the interest to invest in a game with convulted storylines that take forever to finish mistaken for depth and button configurations so complicated that you have to be some kind of rocket scientist to understand it. Isn't that why console gaming after 1995 and PC gaming in general is widely seen as a dominion of nerds and the socially inept?

The_Xtrakt2477d ago

I prefer to think of those terms as states of play rather then types of gamers. Gran Turismo is considered hardcore, but I can play it casually, flower is considered casual, but I can play it hardcore (to an extent).

I also feel that games should not be designed to be hardcore or casual specifically, for example, Gran Turismo was not designed to be hardcore, it was designed to be an awesome driving experience and flower was not designed to be casual, it was designed to be a calm and relaxing experience.

At least, that's how I feel about this subject.