Modern Warfare 3 Redemption trailer Analysed

An in depth analysis and featured video of the brand new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 single player campaign trailer. The article for the dedicated COD fan. Mini-gun buggies, people.

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3GenGames2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I wouldn't show game play too much, either, IW. But look at all those vehicles! I can't wait to see those in the cut scenes. :P

Not impressed that much...if at all.

iamnsuperman2390d ago

I think this trailer is done well. The story looks less over the top of MW2 but still looks fun.

GrayFox0072390d ago

I played the Battlefield 3 beta on PS3 and it looked like crap, and was the worst thing I've played this generation.

I'll take MW3 thanks, at least it's not a broken piece of shit like Battlefield 3.

3GenGames2390d ago

How do you know? And it's a BETA. A BETA. BETA! Don't understand that? Look it up. But JAVELIN GLITCH doesn't count huh? And besides, the beta's an alpha build from about 1 month and 1 week ago and 98% of the glitches, especially all the big ones, and the beta also had sub-normal textuers and not only will be improved in the final game, will also be high-res when you install on your drive.

Facts dude, facts. Facts are NO Battlefield game has had the amount of glitches on day 1 of release combined as MW2 alone. Dispute me, because I'd love to see this. MW3 doesn't even have a demo let alone a beta except MW2. Saying it's not broken is BS, and it'll be broken even when fixed, that's a fact.

kparks2390d ago

yea we know its a beta y do people keep pointing this out just cuz its a beta u can still get a good feel for the game and its also not to my liking. and then they put the only gamemode u can play in the beta RUSH and that has to be the closest to cod gameplay they could get and i hate that fact also
!! if i wanted to play COD i would play COD dont have the only BF3 mode u can play be exactly like demolition from COD what a bunch of dumb asses. and the cod game has more glitches at launch well prolly because u got 4X as many people playing it to find these glitches!

KaBaW2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

You've obviously never played the Battlefield 3 'Beta,' or a Call of Duty game..

Mikeyy2390d ago


I love when people spout that the Beta build is "ONE MONTH OLD"...

A games development cycle is 2+ Years long. Are you saying Battlefield 3 was this bad for 1 year and 11 months? and now magically in the last few weeks it all comes together?

You would all do yourselves better to lie and say the build is a year old..

KaBaW2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

If I may ask a question .. What exactly is so bad about the Battlefield 3 beta?

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ArchangelMike2390d ago

Trailer looks good, and retains the COD4 bombast. But damn are the graphics dated!

EazyC2390d ago

I liked the aeroplane bit... Reminded me of Mile High Club in CoD4.

Getting that mission done on veteran=difficult!

s3fr2390d ago

the plane sequence and the sniper crosshair on makarov are all reminiscent of cod4.. looks good..

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