GoGamingGiant: Metal Gear Solid: Rising - Will it cut it?

Its been a while since the announcement of Metal Gear Solid: Rising at E3 2009. Still, with no release date planned, I’ve been wondering if all the hype regarding the up and coming KONAMI masterpiece (we’ll see) will step up to the plate.

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TheDareDevil2475d ago

Konami said that they were planning to release a trailer for Rising in Winter, and the game is scheduled for a 2012 release. I'm currently playing Peace Walker on my PSP and loving it and I'm definitely stoked for this game.

I wonder if this game is being made on the Fox Engine though?

aaronjohnston2475d ago

Originally it was supposed to be released this year. Time gained is what they are after. I suppose my predictions could be correct in terms of it not being what it's ment to be. I dont think it's gona win the hears of MGS fans of the old. But we'll definately see. Wouldn't think it will be made on the Fox Engine, with the new features and new style I doubt it.

This is why i dissagree with it being better than any previous MGS.

zeal0us2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

Well there's always the MGS HD collection(Nov 8 according to amazon) to keep the mgs fans busy.....for a while.

aaronjohnston2475d ago

Yea I look forward to this. Going to do an article on this soon.

TheClown2475d ago

Nope. Rising is just a crappy spinoff using the worst character in the MGS universe. I'll be skipping this just like I'll be skipping that gimped HD collection which removes features from the original game. Konami/Kojima has become just as bad as Ubisoft now. Definitely not interested in anything coming from them anymore.

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