Steam Deal Of The Day- Universe Sandbox

Steam’s deal of the day for October 8th is Universe Sandbox. Also the sale will end in 24 hours, hence the “deal of the day”, so you have until 1pm EST or 10am PST tomorrow to grab this deal. Below is a description on the game as well as some important information.

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Farsendor12543d ago

love steam deals but im not too thrilled about this one

ImpliedDeception2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I love the premise, though it's not a game at all, per se...

Be warned, it's buggy as hell, and tends to crash after doing some big, fast collisions... graphic bugs, and straight-up lock up. Still, it's hard for me to hate on it, I would have killed for something like this when I was a kid... Very cool, still.

mistajeff2543d ago

thanks/bubbles for the warning. the concept is truly incredible, but since it's that buggy, i think i'm going to pass.

dan_chan892543d ago

Yeah, I regret buying this one.
At full price, mind you.