BF3 - DICE To "Adjust" UMP-45 and Other PDWs Plus More Hints Of Caspian on Console Beta

"We are starting to receive confirmation of many things that DICE is looking into and that they're promising to fix by October 25th." - MP1st

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Hitman07692358d ago

interesting, hope these adjustments are REALLY what their ppl want and not just a vocal minority on their stupid forums.... >_>

princejb1342357d ago

yes the ump 45 is a beast, i had a game with 54k-13d

Aggesan2357d ago

Well, the UMP is really op at the moment. Me and my friend was just talking about it the other day. We decided not to use it cause it felt like cheating.

MrGunny942358d ago

Finnaly... UMP 45 so damm OP...

chriski3332357d ago

the UMP is a death dealer i got it last nite my K/D ratio went up like crazy before UMP i had about 17-11 K/D after UMP last game was 34-7 not to bad;]but it is abit overpowering

Mister_V2358d ago

I loved the UMP-45 but I did feel a little too powerful with it. I'd rather they increase the effectiveness of some other weapons than nerf the UMP.

Criminal2358d ago

Well you can either tone down one weapon or up the power on the rest. I think the former is easier.

XboxInnovation2358d ago

Not interested in this game.

KwietStorm2358d ago

Yea, I'm not interested in going to the mall today. Off to the mall I go.

krazykombatant2357d ago

Believe you won't be missed either..

Undeadwolfy2357d ago

Interested enough to open this thread and let us know you're not interested.


Fil1012357d ago

LMAO "not interested in this game" kinda make's me wonder why the hell your doin posting a comment here ?

zeddy2357d ago

not interested either. beta was boring, more used to fast paced action from cod. and i keep saying it but the maps are too big, too much wandering about looking for something to shoot. and i dont care about team work either, its just a f*cking game.

2357d ago
trenso12357d ago

Lol operation metro is small compared to other maps from battlefield games. But it's only a beta so need to make final decisions

Arnon2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

It's horribly sad how DICE has to constantly reiterate that this is in fact, an old code beta used to test load the network for all the idiots out there. It does not include any high resolution textures, vehicles, etc.. It has minimal destruction and a small amount of armaments to choose from. It is a single map, and a single gameplay mode.

It is a BETA... It is NOT a final representation of the game. You would think the white disclaimer when booting it up would give it away.

PhantomT14122357d ago

I don't understand why you say team work is not important because it's a game, that doesn't make any sense!

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gustave1542358d ago

i reached 80 kills with the UMP its definitely OP.
had alot of fun though.

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The story is too old to be commented.