Forza Motorsport 4 - Review

When it comes to technical innovation and gameplay enhancements, driving games have traditionally been at the forefront. Each new title and update invariably takes giant strides towards capturing the real rush of getting behind the wheel and going very bloody fast indeed.

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Maddens Raiders2539d ago

"F1 2011 blew us away as recently as last week with its incredible attention to detail, while Gran Turismo still has us agog at the sheer scope of its vision, but, as good as those genre leaders are, they’re left in the dust by the sheer brilliance of Forza Motorsport 4.

Simply put, it’s the most ambitious automotive experience in recent memory and, quite frankly, it will change what you’ll expect from driving games for, well, ever."

"But all of that is only the meat and potatoes. The gravy is the excellent use of Kinect integration. Imagine Minority Report in Kwit Fit and you’re somewhere to conjuring up the capabilities of Forza’s latest and greatest brainwave"

this guy is good... i mean this is comedy gold. one review says Kinect is crap and doesn't work well while yet another lauds the integration as the best thing since sliced bread. which one is it & why are the "reviewers" always mentioning GT???

JokesOnYou2539d ago

Well thats not uncommon Madden, hell go look at some of the first reviews of KZ2, some loved the controls, some felt they were a bit clunky and slow.

Micro_Sony2539d ago

Can I lick the tears from your eyes Madden?

GMWPS32539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

" will change what you'll expect from driving games for, well, ever." oh wow! So it has dynamic weather and time? Thereby making the races more realistic and challenging? Oh wait, no it doesn't, yet GT5 has it (since he compares Forza to it).

A silly review. Moving on.

cstyle2539d ago

Forza is just awesome. Can't wait to get it. GT5 raised the bar and now Forza has raised it even higher. Plus it uses Kinect too. Awesome.