Gorgeous Uncharted 3 desert concepts, creating sand dunes was 'challenging'

The beautiful desert in Uncharted 3 has captivated audiences worldwide, we did a little bit of hunting across the internet and managed to stumble upon some really great concept work that went into creating the desert that you guys have seen in the various trailers and the video

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281219862473d ago

That desert level is HUGGGE :D

Niles2473d ago

The combat seems real weak imo..How long will Sony push visual fidelity over gameplay is the question..The only game I enjoyed playing on my PS3 this year was Infamous 2 cause it had so much to do...Killzone 3 has been long forgotten and buried...

Strange_Evil2473d ago

Cry Moar!!! It's the only thing you can do while UC3 will sweep all the GOTY awards...

MAJ0R2473d ago

combat seems vastly improved with better hit detection and melee, the only thing I could ask for would be more blood and gore

limewax2473d ago

Cover based shooter, Hence the game mechanics are well....Cover based shooter mechanics. In fact UC2 done a very good job of giving us a choice of strategical cover points where possible. It looks like UC3 is stepping it up again.

If you want twitch based gaming go buy CoD or RAGE, but why would you complain about a game due to its gameplay design concept? I hate RTS but I don't go bashing Starcraft


@Niles congrats.U have won the award for most retarded comment on N4G today. How do u feel?

PirateThom2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Funny enough, I recently picked up Killzone 3 again with my brother for co-op... if they would just add online co-op whenever he comes over, it would definitely bring people back... because replaying it has made me realise what a fun game it is.

blumatt2473d ago

You're obviously delusional. Many PS3 games have shown great gameplay and great visual fidelity can go hand in hand. InFamous 2 looks great and plays great too. So many other examples just this year.

Yeah, but more blood and gore would probably move the rating from T to M and fewer people would be able to purchase it as easily.

trippyaaron2473d ago

@ blumatt
10 year olds didn't have a problem getting their hands on mw2 or black ops

Relientk772473d ago

Uncharted is one of the best franchises this generation, if not THE BEST, so I have no idea what u r talking about

Good Day


Niles2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

The only reason why I say this because most of Sony's franchises rely heavily on visuals. Uncharted 2 looks really jaw dropping good...I remember reading an article where Naughty Dog wanted to create a game on the lines of Jax and Daxter with quirky characters however Sony management pushed for a more realistic looking game on the lines of Gears of war because Sony felt a huge threat to its base audiences...Uncharted 2 exponentially did that however was lagged far behind gears in terms of gameplay...Set pieces aside, I have very little replay value when it comes to UC3 versus Gears 3 ...the standard multiplayer options have become 'standard' what more can Naughty dog pack in the 25 gig disc is my question...

morganfell2473d ago

Lagging behind in game play is a matter of opinion. And from the looks of yours it is an opinion not shared by the general public. In terms of what other people think there is a reason that UC2 garnered more awards, including GOTY awards, than any title in history.

And in case you were not aware, ND has access to standard DL Bluray discs - 50GB of space.

Niles2473d ago

Obviously I will be outnumbered...360 fanbase left this site years ago...They hatch their plots on GT now...

jdfoster2473d ago

Combat seems one of the most improved things.... The animations in the melee combat is ace. Talking guns off them, attaching semtexes/grenades, jumping on them, different moves, kick moves etc, stealth.... etc etc etc etc etc etc

Chaostar2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Niles, you only seem to comment whenever this particular blog is submitted to N4G now why do you suppose that is huh? Could you be deliberately trolling in an attempt to raise the heat on this submission, no no of course not, things like that could get you banned huh?

This is also a personal blog post, no matter how they dress it up, it really shouldn't have been approved.

Diver2473d ago

Niles why do you need 360 fanbase to back you up? Why not get backed up by being objective. By what is. Oh wait, its pretty easy to see you werent being objecting but instead you had an objective.

HeavenlySnipes2472d ago

Team Deathmatch
Three Team DM
Team Objective
Hardcore mode
Coop Arena
Coop Hunter
Coop Adventure
17 maps
Every map is dynamic
Better graphics than Gears of War
Movement is fluid and lifelike (if you could imagine climbing everything like a monkey lol)
Buddy System
Overtime mode when the game is close
Picking up treasure sets to earn skins and clothes
Far greater range of customization than Gears
AWESOME melee finisher animations
Adrenaline pumping music at key moments (during powerplays, during the occasional overtime, during last 5 kills)
Large range of weapons and mods

Yup pretty standard to me.....

MaxXAttaxX2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

Are you suggesting Uncharted lacks in gameplay? What you say "seems" to you (from behind those Xbox goggles) doesn't matter.

It's funny how whenever a PS3 game improves upon something, some reviewers and 360 fans come up with the opposite.

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OhMyGandhi2473d ago

they should hang these up at MOMA

Relientk772473d ago

It may have been challenging, but if you have seen the screenshots or gameplay videos. Naughty Dog did an AMAZING job!

tiffac0082473d ago

And they shall have my cold hard earned cash once the game is released next month :)

smashcrashbash2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Oh yeah, totally worth it. @ MAJ0R nah. Its more of an adventure game then an action game. Adding blood and gore would ruin it. How much blood and gore was there in Indiana Jones?

cpayne932473d ago

I agree, extreme amounts of blood and gore just wouldn't work in Uncharted, it isn't that kind of game.

gustave1542473d ago

The melee is awesome. Swinging an ak into the enemies face is just epic xD

Tarantino_Life2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

Naughty Dog has transformed from just a good developer to a world class dev. The amount of love they put into their work is inspiring. Name one game dev this gen that creates a sense of personality and chemistry between characters in a matter of a few min apart from Naughty Dog. They have shown that you dont need 80 -100 hours of open world games to care about a lead character. All you need is a few min. After the first interaction between Drake and Elena in drake's fortune it was enough to win a player over and care for them. Thats talent.

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