What exactly is an RPG?!

You know how there are things in this world that you just know, even though you can't explain them? Things like love, the wind, ...RPG's. Yes, RPG's. Every hardcore gamer knows an RPG literally seconds after they start playing the game...

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Jirachi2391d ago

Yeah that does make since other games you do play rolls however most games outside the genre they dont fully imerse you in the roll being part of a characters story isnt enough alone,building stats isnt enough alone,turn based isnt enough alone,but it's the combination of two or more of these elements that make things rpgs.

Kran2391d ago

I remember the times when RPG stood for Role-Playing Games.

There were 2 definitions.

1. You created your own character, thus essentially creating a second life for yourself.

2. You play the role of a known character.

Now it tends to be a term where you're thrown in the game and you wonder: WTF is going on?

cyclonus0072390d ago

Rocket Propelled Grenade?

LukaX232390d ago

An RPG is a genre of game. What the definition of that genre is, I.D.G.A.F. - as long as the game is good.

ATi_Elite2390d ago

a game that lets you Role Play and it should be Super Epic and take away a few months of your social life!

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The story is too old to be commented.