X-Men Destiny Review (FMV Magazine)

Jonathan Szafran writes: "X-Men Destiny is one of the worst games I have played in a very long time. Everything in the game made me cringe from the moment I hit the start button. It is a shame and blemish on the beloved comic franchise, and Jack Kirby would be turning in his grave if he saw it."

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Johnny_Cojones2537d ago

I played through it, after buying it for my daughter. It's not horrible, just kinda ugly & mediocre. A coupla neat parts for X-Men fans. I'd give it a C-.

princejb1342537d ago

I'm mad that in this day and age people are still doing crappy games
is not like gaming is anything new its old so they should have somewhat of a idea what people want or don't want

Baka-akaB2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

for games like this , it's almost as if they try hard to make it fail .

You frickin' have everything handed down to you . The books already lay out the designs for you to ape , with various great artstyle to follow .

The plots and dialogues are already written for you .

The epic saga are already done for you ..

And yet activision always manage to make a turd or meh game from the marvel games , especially the xmen ones .

Something as average as Xmen legends (loads of characters and decent use of stories , but hardly pretty , and a mediocre beat them all with mediocre rpg elements) shouldnt be your absolute best effort .

How can you fail for over a decade at something some old arcade beat them all from the 16 bits era got right ?

princejb1342537d ago

i know dude there hasn't been many good hero games in a long time besides the last batman games arkham asylum and hopefully arkham city but before that no super hero games were good

Pintheshadows2537d ago

When you consider the potential, this only serves to be even more harrowing.