GameNTrain: Uncharted 3 commentary

GameNTrain: That’s right, Chris over at Dont Revive Me Bro totally stole our name. When I say our, I mean Squid and Dash. That of course includes Bob & George since now the Uncharted 3 podcasts will be under the DTMB name. My Arubian buddy, Dash and I created DTMB to pump out awesome Uncharted content, which began a week or so ago with the loudest commentary ever because Dash screwed up the audio…like a boss. Below is my first run at….typical commentary? Think of that as a Rhetoric question and leave it alone. Check hit the jump, check the vid and be on the lookout for the upcoming podcast about the Subway Promo multiplayer! Be sure to check the UC3 Giveaway thread posted below!

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