9.0 Review: Forza Motorsport 4

Editor writes: "Forza M4 expands in the right direction, the projection of vehicles and driving pleasure that provides virtual, strengthening the social component and competitive. And no one can accuse him lacking fluidity. The 60 fps are there as steel, is impressive to see 16 cars contesting positions in different lanes without the slightest downturn. A seal of quality, a race of the year."

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Foxgod2477d ago

A 9 from Eurogamer is like a 20 out of 10 from any other site/mag.

Micro_Sony2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

They gave GT5 the same score.

I brought it up becuse 9's from EUROGAMER are handed out like herpies and should not be considerd something rare or special.

Halo Reach 9/10

Mass Effect 2 10/10

GTA 4 10/10

Dead Space 2 10/10

AC Brother Hood 10/10

Those games were ok but not a 9 or 10 ok.

aviator1892477d ago

Foxgod never mentioned anything about GT5, so why bring it up?

aviator1892477d ago

Ok, in your original post, you mentioned just GT5. You never included the other 5 games on your list.

Number_132477d ago

They over scored every game there except Halo Reach, its a 9.1 :P

Boody-Bandit2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

16 cars is a welcome addition. Makes the game more challenging and harder to play on higher difficulty settings.

*show of hands*
Who is going to play this game on professional driver settings and hardest difficulty?

*raises hand*
Guilty. Anyone else?

3 more days!