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Submitted by Simonkey75 1515d ago | news

Halo Anniversary Dev: Originality is over-rated

“I don’t know why derivative is always necessarily bad,” says Matthew Karch of Halo Anniversary dev team Saber Interactive – who feels that familiar franchises such as Gears of War automatically get higher review scores than original IP which might share similar mechanics. (Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Inversion, Matthew Karch, Saber Interactive, Xbox 360)

Snowii  +   1515d ago
originality is what makes games unique and not generic

i agree that sometimes a good game dosent need any original idea's(ahem rage)but sometimes its the only thing that makes a game so good
Aloren  +   1515d ago
And yet games full or original ideas can be just bad games. In a way, he's right. Originality is nice, it's just not necessary.
rezzah  +   1515d ago
All stories have to come to an end while others (originality) have to begin.
Major_Nelson  +   1515d ago
I love Master Chief
Infact i'm gonna boot up halo 3 right now and put on my master cheef helmet and have a few rounds
Major_Nelson  +   1515d ago
Who Disagreed !
I'm serious i've got my Master Chief helmet on right now !!
Micro_Sony  +   1515d ago
I think its Killzone fans who are disagreeing.

Maybe you should buy a Helghast helmet and play some Killzone 3 : )
palaeomerus  +   1515d ago
It's not the Legendary Edition cat-helmet is it? If it is just lie to me and tell me it's not. Please. I don't want to have to visualize that.
GrayFox007  +   1515d ago
Maker of game with no originality thinks originality is over rated. Hardly surprising is it.

Most developers lack the talent to come up with new "good" ideas.
Chuk5  +   1515d ago
Personally, the anniversary editoin is refreshing in a holiday season so concerned with military shooters. Sci-fi shooters like gears, resistance, killozone, and halo have their own personalities, where as most military shooters now are just blending together.

This game isn't just a port it's a re-imagining of the game, that's what makes me so excited.
Jocosta  +   1515d ago
A-friggin-men, modern military shooters are an absolute bore.
wwm0nkey  +   1515d ago
Oh its only Sabre, thought it was someone that was actually important in the Halo developer team.
MidnytRain  +   1515d ago
wwm0nkey  +   1515d ago
The guy who made the comment is not from 343i, he is from Sabre. Which means he is not really an important developer in the Halo series.
smashcrashbash  +   1515d ago
That is lazy person talk. Just because familiarity gets you some extra points doesn't make originality over rated. Just because many developers mindlessly create the same game over and over again and only slightly tweaking it each time because its safe doesn't mean originality is some sort of a problem.

This is futher made worse by reviewers that are 'afraid' to point out faults and lower scores for the obvious fact that you did practically nothing to change the game. All the faults from your last game are still there but reviewers refuse to acknowledge them. Familarity is one thing but tedium is another. Developers are 'afraid' that if they change or do something to different they will lose everyone. Nostagia and familiarity are overrated. Its time to do things that bring gaming forward not milk franchises until they die or become stale. Just because certain developers want to keep taking us backwards instead of forwards doesn't mean we should go with them.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1515d ago
Thaaaank youuuu. Someone who speaks my language.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1515d ago
And this kind of thinking is what's keeping this gen down. So Halo4, 5, 6 will play the same?

That's why you take chances with new Ip's fresh innovative ideas only this generation did i feel like I was playing the same or similar game with similar structures. Look at Borderlands they borrowed from other genres to create something new.

And it wasn't that hard of a concept? FPS meets Diablo styled concepts its genius. And yeah I get it shooter A is high selling and reviewed better while shooter B has very similar concepts but sales worse and reviews aren't impressive.

That's why developers need to step out of ones limelight and create there own pieces, with that said I disagree with this guy completely.
wwm0nkey  +   1515d ago
This guy isnt from the Halo 4 team at all.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1515d ago
Doesn't matter whos saying it? If anybody says "Originality is overrated." Is not a true developer btw if I knew this comment section was a crowd of none original gamers I would of avoided it.

looks like I'm a original gamer that doesn't only go by brand name. That's right I'm a Real gamer.
Major_Nelson  +   1515d ago
Nice wall of self pwning text there buddy
Laxman216  +   1515d ago
Its becuase the majority of gamers dont buy into new series' very often, and is an extreme risk to publishers. I agree, we do need something to move the industry forward, but it wont happen when consumers are too afraid to try something new (hence the sales numbers of every Call of Duty game - people only want to buy what they KNOW they will like, and that will always be CoD for most people, becuase they've liked it for years and it shows no signs of changing).
smashcrashbash  +   1515d ago
We need MORE games like LG, Saints Row 3, Cathrine,Dark Souls, Starhawk and even R3 that dared to use the weapon wheel instead of the tedious 2 gun limit. I am not sure what happened to the PS1/Nintendo/Sega kind gen that accepted and welcomed new types of games instead of worrying what game it is or isn't like it and didn't worry about how many units it sold or were infected by tedium and nostalgia like it was a diease so much so that they refuse to accept anything that is different in anyway to the mainstream.
Laxman216  +   1515d ago
Long live the weapon wheel!
Mike_Tha_Hero  +   1515d ago
People seem to be confused about what 'originality' actually means.

There's a difference between blatantly being different and being original. Being original is having you play amongst dinosaurs in multiplayer matches (i.e Primal Carnage), being different is basing your core gameplay around puzzles (i.e Catherine).

It is difficult to find a truly original idea in gaming, which is fine. I'm content with a lot of games coming out that may not be deemed "original" by snooty, anti-mainstream mentality gamers. Having a gameplay quirk doesn't make the game good right off the bat, like some people seem to think.
smashcrashbash  +   1515d ago
I disagree. If you are taking about pure originality you would hace to go all the way back into NES or Atari days to find it. Originality can no longer be describe on a large scale but rather on how much originality you have with in a genre. For example you can't say Saints Row is completely original because of GTA but its methods and openness compared to GTA can be seen as original.

Same thing with Cathrine. I could easily make referance to Qbert to question its originality but combination of engaging story and puzzle so well intergrated with each other is seen as original. No one hates mainstream gaming but many developers use it as an excuse to forgo any sort of originality to make the same game over and over again. Adding 2 more maps and 2 more guns and tweaking the graphics is NOT adding originality to a game. It is the DLC or patch syndrome where you just slighty improve on the last game and refuse to think in any other direction. BTW being different IS originality
from the beach  +   1515d ago
What's really annoying is when an 'indie' developer releases a 2D platformer (see: Braid, Super Meat Boy, Limbo, other crap) and it's somehow branded original.
Laxman216  +   1515d ago
Im not finding it annoying when im playing some of those games. In fact, when I was playing Limbo, all I could think about was how ive never had an experience like it.
mamotte  +   1515d ago
Actually, you can do things two ways: First, you create a unique experience, in some way or another. Second, you can take something, and make it really good, without making nothing new. Both are valid options.

Problem is when some people get one thing right, and then start to do the same thing again, and again, and again. And then, we have COD every boring year.

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