Halo Anniversary Dev: Originality is over-rated

“I don’t know why derivative is always necessarily bad,” says Matthew Karch of Halo Anniversary dev team Saber Interactive – who feels that familiar franchises such as Gears of War automatically get higher review scores than original IP which might share similar mechanics.

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Snowii2537d ago

originality is what makes games unique and not generic

i agree that sometimes a good game dosent need any original idea's(ahem rage)but sometimes its the only thing that makes a game so good

Aloren2537d ago

And yet games full or original ideas can be just bad games. In a way, he's right. Originality is nice, it's just not necessary.

rezzah2537d ago

All stories have to come to an end while others (originality) have to begin.

Major_Nelson2537d ago

I love Master Chief
Infact i'm gonna boot up halo 3 right now and put on my master cheef helmet and have a few rounds

Major_Nelson2537d ago

Who Disagreed !
I'm serious i've got my Master Chief helmet on right now !!

Micro_Sony2537d ago

I think its Killzone fans who are disagreeing.

Maybe you should buy a Helghast helmet and play some Killzone 3 : )

palaeomerus2537d ago

It's not the Legendary Edition cat-helmet is it? If it is just lie to me and tell me it's not. Please. I don't want to have to visualize that.

GrayFox0072537d ago

Maker of game with no originality thinks originality is over rated. Hardly surprising is it.

Most developers lack the talent to come up with new "good" ideas.

Chuk52537d ago

Personally, the anniversary editoin is refreshing in a holiday season so concerned with military shooters. Sci-fi shooters like gears, resistance, killozone, and halo have their own personalities, where as most military shooters now are just blending together.

This game isn't just a port it's a re-imagining of the game, that's what makes me so excited.

Jocosta2537d ago

A-friggin-men, modern military shooters are an absolute bore.

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The story is too old to be commented.