L.A. Noire dev Team Bondi $1.4M in debt - Report

Documents filed with Australian government reveal Team Bondi heavily indebt

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dangert122537d ago

Unlucky they tried something new and it failed badly

cochise3132537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

LA noir sold over 3 million; the game didn't fail, it was just in production way too long.

drsnobby2537d ago

We as gamers need to buy games,PERIOD! sales are the life blood of the industry.if we don't buy games then the indusrty will die.cochise,3 million was not enough to offset production cost,remember this was a multi-platform game,it should have sold double the amount.lets be clear about this,the survival of the gaming industry rest on for developer=sales in your lover gamers.:)

dangert122537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Still It failed badly...

I don't see why so many people would disagree, It sold 3mil+

but now there In debt and worse of then before the game was In development

that hardly sounds like success to me

denero12537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

you can't blame just gamers and its kind of far fetched to believe it all depends on us gamers if we expect the gaming industry to survive im sure many things go into it as a developer you have to be able to manage yourself and the people under you with the money you have apparently team bondi didn't quite do this right and set themselves up 4 or 3 million is not bad at all


also they have a pc port coming out is it at all possible they could use the money from that to pay off some of the debt?

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

"the survival of the gaming industry rest on for developer=sales in your lover gamers.:)"

Yeah, too bad, people buy almost only mainstream stuff/shooters or used games.
Look at the mindset of gamers, if you say that "if you buy used games you cause damage at the industry and push developers to close" -that is a fact- someone would disagree anyway.

L.A. Noire was a great experience under a good amount of aspects, I' m happy it sold well ( also if not enough for the developers ).

lumley6662537d ago

Drsnobby: i buy many games but I didn't buy la noire. From what I saw at a friends house it was boring. Graphics and animation were some of best iv seen, developers need to learn. Spend less time on that and more on gameplay. If your going to spend forever on developing a single game and incur massive costs you have to make sure the basics are brilliant. La noire for me, meh

Disccordia2537d ago

The game was a commercial success but the studio was so badly mid-managed for years. Brendan McNamara has done some good stuff for the industry but has a history and reputation for being a chump

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TopDudeMan2537d ago

Yeah, LA Noire did well. It's just it didn't do as well as they needed it to do. By the tune of $1.4million

r1sh122537d ago

Even though sales matter.
Rockstar could buy the company outright and have it relocated and make in an in house department.
That way they can get all the intellectual property rights and continue to build on it.

denero12537d ago

Yeah production was a likely problem but overall 4 mil >.> they should have made back enough to pay debts -_- but the business world is shady so who knows what happened to all that money

Omar912537d ago

The new facial animations they used must of cost them more then they had anticipated. That's why they are in debt by so much.

denero12536d ago

doesn't rockstar own the rights to la noire? is it possible there could be a sequel?

AKS2537d ago

Seems odd that they made such an awesome game yet the developer ended up in this state. It seems like everything behind the scenes was a mess, especially shady management, yet they ended up creating an excellent game.

RagTagBnd4452537d ago

The game was good but the company was a bloody mess. They wasted a lot of money, because of terrible leadership, and had massive internal problems, this was bound to happen.

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