Five Unappreciated Xbox 360 Games

TheCrapgamer of writes:
We usually see a ton of lists, best game, worst game, best graphics, biggest letdowns and the list goes on and on. This list is about some Xbox 360 games that I feel are unappreciated pretty much as a whole. Now these games aren’t perfect, but then again I feel it’s rare to come across any game that has ever truly been perfect. That being said these games are solid, they may even be games that took a risk and weren’t received well because of those risks. Games in general are really hit or miss sometimes, and just because a game has a lot of press doesn’t mean it’s going to sell well or be a good game, also just because a game might have been in development a long time doesn’t mean it’ll be a better game for it. These are just some games that I personally like and sat down with and threw all of the criticism out the window. When you sit down with a game with an unbiased mind, you truly start to have fun and gain some different perspectives. The following games are in no particular order and I’m sure there are a ton of other games that could have made this list, so please sound off in the comments and let us know what games you think are unappreciated.

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godofboobees2474d ago

Only game that belongs on the list is ninja blade. My pick would be lost Odyssey.