WGB: Halo Encyclopedia 2011 Revised Edition - Review

Baden of WolfsGamingBlog writes: "Before I begin this review I have a startling, shocking, horrendous confession to make that may just shatter your mind into a million tortured pieces; I’m a complete noob when it comes to the Halo universe. Sure, I’ve played all the games, but outside of what’s clearly presented in the games my knowledge of the Halo lore is utterly terrible, except for some random facts and bits of information that I’ve picked up along the way. So it’s important for you to know that this review is going to be entirely from the perspective of someone delving into the collected knowledge and lore of the Halo universe for the first time, experiencing the depth that it has to offer and generally getting slightly confused by it all."

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mendicant2473d ago

Where did you get this idea that Halsey is Miranda’s mother? I’m a long time Halo fan-I’ve read and own all the books, and I’ve never heard that before.

Secondly, they don’t “split” the battle into two seperate events. They are simply letting you play the same battle from different perspectives.

There are other errors in your review as well. In the future I think it best to either be familiar with the material in question or have someone who is do it.

DeFFeR2473d ago

Halsey's Journal (Reach Limited/Legendary pack in) explains the Miranda bit.

And I agree with you about being at least familiar with the material, but I also like the viewpoint of someone without a vast knowledge. If you think about it, there are people who know Halo inside and out - and while they would probably buy this book, they might not gain a lot of new information. For people like the author, being a self-proclaimed "newb" in things outside the game (even though he mentions the Miranda/Halsey thing, and specific ship names...) it's nice to hear from them, because that's really who the book is for.

I don't like putting numbers on reviews - because no one pays attention to the "legend" or "key" associated with the numbers (ex. 6 = good game, just a few flaws - while if anyone sees a 6, they freak out about how it sucks.) and just assume it's a school grade.

I'll give you my score on this using my own scale: buy/rent/borrow/pass. Big Halo fans, and people looking for more info in the Halo Universe: BUY. Casual fans who play, but don't really delve into the backstory and everything else: Borrow or Pass.

WolfLeBlack2473d ago

To answer your point regarding the Battle of Earth. In the review I state that the Encyclopedia splits the Battle of Earth into two seperate fights. In the book, they're listed as The First Battle for Earth and the Second Battle of Earth, but according to Halo: ODST it was one continous fight. Again, if you refer to Halopedia you'll note that they don't split the battle, instead referring to it as one battle:

On another note I did inform DK publishing that I wasn't a big Halo fan and that my knowledge of the universe as very limited, but they still chose to send me both the Encyclopedia and the Visual Guide to review, and so I've done my best. I'm curious as to what other errors I made, as I'm always willing to learn :)

mendicant2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

I also appreciate the views of those who are new to the universe, that wasn't my point. I was just saying that at the least you should make sure that what they're saying is accurate.

I have the Reach Legendary pack and I've read it inside out-I've never read anywhere that Miranda is her daughter. I even pulled out my Oni black box, busted out the diary an double checked. It's not there. No hint, mention or clure.

It's all good, a mistake is just that. But he should correct it.

DeFFeR2473d ago

You have to read between the lines - Keyes and Halsey were involved... Miranda was staying with Halsey... Halsey had a falling out with Miranda... Miranda CHANGES her last name to Keyes... Miranda leaves Halsey to stay with her father... Keyes stops by to talk to Halsey about Miranda... Cortana reminds Halsey of Miranda (Cortana being created from a flash of Halseys brain)...

Read between the lines - which is why I don't understand how the author claims that they are inept when it comes to the Halo Universe.

IronFistChinMi2473d ago

DeFFeR is right, it's heavily implied in the journal, that Halsey is Miranda's mother.

WolfLeBlack2473d ago

Hi mate,

I'm the author of this review, so allow me to answer your question regarding Miranda Keyes.

You'll find that the journal, as others have said, implies that Miranda is Halsey's daughter. But you will also find the information listed in the Halo Visual Guide (for which I'm away to try and write a review as well) under the entry for Cather Halsey. I qoute from the book, " Although it is not widely known, Doctor Halsey's daughter is the young but formidable Commander Miranda Keyes".

You'll also find the information under Miranda Keyes entry on the Halo Wiki:

As well as one Halopedia:

She was the result of a fling of sorts between Halsey and Jacob Keyes.

mendicant2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

I stand corrected, I must admit I am really shocked. I have all the books and I'm a huge Halo fan, I can't believe that I didn't know this. Perhaps I forgot it? The Halo universe is very large and very intricate-there's a lot going on there.

My apologies, I was totally wrong but I'm glad that I learned something. Although I must admit, I'm not a fan of the idea that Halsey is her mother. I like the idea of Cortana being more of her child, her "spiritual successor if you will."