Slowed Down Metro: Last Light trailer reveals uber cool Mutants , Open areas and animation

See the slowed down trailer yourself and get surprised.

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Orpheus2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

To get another surprise zoom in the grasses or leaves of this image:

Then zoom in the leaves of this image

What you see is that leaves in Battlefield 3 occupy two dimensional planes , where they bend , they bend suddenly in order to reduce polygon count but that does not happen in Metro Last Light

Now zoom in the branches of this image

Then zoom in the brances of Battlefield 3 trees, The branches in Metro spread out in different directions , another example of the extreme geometric detail used in Metro Last Light

Zoom in the shoe of the man in this image

then zoom in the shoe of the man in this image

Now look at the face of this boy

now look at the face of this man

Are we close or ahead ????

limewax2502d ago

I have the last Metro and the Bf3 beta on my PC, yes metro will push VGA's further. But honestly it sounds like you hardly even take the time to play the games.

I will notice these differences same as you did, but its not the be all end all

Orpheus2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Ur guess is nice. I teach elementary computer graphics and have interest in real-time graphics in games. If I play games then I like games like Braid, Machinarium, Limbo. I wont play Battlefield 3 but will try out Metro LL to wonder at the graphics :-) .

outwar60102502d ago

hope this game is optimised better than the last one i remember nothing but screen tear