US Version of Tales of Graces f Coming In The “Beginning of 2012″

Tales of Graces f will be coming very soon to the West.

Namco Bandai has been rather tight lipped on the role-playing game’s release in the West since announcing localizations plans earlier this year but during a recent English gameplay demonstration it was revealed that NB plans to release ToGf sometime in the “beginning of 2012″.

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WriterX2479d ago

At first I thought the "f" was a typo. Now I see the game actually has an f in its name... What a confusing game name... I still have no idea should the f be a capital F or not!

disturbing_flame2479d ago

This is how things are done right !

Great NAMCO !

I'll buy that. And Xilia too.

militant072479d ago

FU it should be faster

It should be same speed as ToV

within like a week? it is in US

Redempteur2479d ago

faster in what ?
it's the faster tales of ever .. ( not even xillia is that fast )

CrescentFang2479d ago

I think he was talking like in localizing the game itself (I think the JP and US releases were in the same month). I'm pretty sure that was planned ahead of time though...

gustave1542479d ago

Hope tales of xillia will come too...

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The story is too old to be commented.