Dead Island Review - GIGAlb

Hani Farah of GIGAlb, "I was first introduced to Dead Island through the announcement trailer.

It consisted of a nonlinear sequence of events showing a dead little girl in reverse moving up from the ground back to her hotel room where her family was struggling for their lives against the undead. In the background, one of the most beautiful musical pieces was playing making this one of the best trailers I’ve seen. Although the trailer wasn’t made by Techland (the developer) it set the bar pretty high for what to expect especially on an emotional level but sadly the game did not meet the standard."

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kamakaz3md2505d ago

i think u gave it a decent score, the game is good, and yet x play knocks it all the time, I enjoyed it and keep wanting to rent it again cuz i didnt beat it : (

deformakulizette2505d ago

Decent review! I really enjoyed the game myself