Dark Souls clubNAMCO Edition revealed

Namco Bandai Games have revealed their exclusive “clubNAMCO Edition” of Dark Souls, which will be released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 10th.

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TopDudeMan2422d ago

I bet if I ordered that right now it'd get here quicker than the one I was supposed to get on firday :(

banjadude2422d ago

I'm still waiting on my copy from Amazon.Ca :(

Baliw2422d ago

Oh, so i bought two Limited Edition, one for PS3 and another one for 360, and all i get is the middle finger, a one use redeem code, and a digital guide.

Thanks a lot for this.

BTW: Fuck off Namco/Bandai; Hail Atlus.

banjadude2422d ago

I'm pretty mad about the digital stuff too.
Jesus, they could have given the damn map and/or Tshirt as a preorder bonus (AT LEAST the map)...