Skyrim: Why I'm Worried

BeefJack: "Don’t get me wrong: I’m massively excited about Skyrim. I think a lot of elements of the game look spellbinding, and I have no doubt, from what I’ve seen, that it will be an amazing game. But from a new Elder Scrolls, I need more than that. Morrowind remains one of my favourite games of all time. After Oblivion, I need to be reminded that the series can be magical."

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WolfLeBlack2537d ago

A short but very interesting little piece. Despite the fact that Oblivion does remain my favorite of the Elder series, I can fully understand the point of it being a generic fantasy world. But Morrowind never felt that different with a generic fantasy realm, either, though that's mostly because I tend to read darker fantasy tales.

I'm hoping Skyrim has a mixture of both settings, but, as you say, so far it's looking mostly like Oblivion.

ApplEaglElephant2537d ago

I am worried that Bethesda might have made it too casual.

For example, they got rid of whole armor system(gloves, chest, helmet, boots, leggings, and etc).

And replaced it with 1 item armor. It is too simple for me... I enjoyed hunting different pieces of equipment and seeing which combination gives me the best result.

I am sure it is a great game, but it now has be worried.

CBaoth2537d ago

That Ken Rolston chose a brief retirement OVER making Skyrim but came out of said retirement to develop Kingdoms of Amalur instead.

That greedy Bethesda wants to charge me $60 for a PC port that will be a technical mess, a la Rage. And most likely I'll have to wait several months for the MODDING community to address them because Todd Howard is more concerned with cashing Microsoft checks than creating a stable game for all platforms.

That like Lewis Denby insinuated, for all its expansive open-world nature, the game devolves into nothing more than a series of uninteresting fetch quests inspired by Mr. Howard's own hubris. Hell all Dragon Age 2 needed to do was darken the regurgitated underground environments like Oblivion and we would've been none the wiser.

Spitfire_Riggz2537d ago

True that, like I used to like mostly ebony armor but the helmet was always so stupid I would use either daedric or dwarven helmet.

invisiblezero2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

But you are wrong. All of that is not combined into one piece.

Chest shoulders and legs are now combined into what is called armor. Helmet, gloves, and boots are still separate.

They have already stated that the reason for this is so they could make a lot more variations of armor.

@CBaoth - Ken retired before 2007, right after Oblivion was released. In 2007 he joined Big Huge Games. Skyrim was only briefly "talked about" until after Fallout was released in 2008. Unless you have a link that says otherwise, I don't believe one bit that he left making Skyrim to make Kingdoms instead.

First off id developed Rage so your second point is partially void, and the "technical mess" is easily remedied with a simple copy and pasted .txt file.

"That like Lewis Denby insinuated, for all its expansive open-world nature, the game devolves into nothing more than a series of uninteresting fetch quests inspired by Mr. Howard's own hubris."

^ I'm not even sure what your referencing there. That isn't even stated in the article for anything.

CBaoth2536d ago

1) Read my post slower next time. I never said he left Bethesda to make KoA. I said he chose retirement rather than make another redundant Elder Scrolls game. It's called burn-out. He was coaxed out of that short-lived retirement after Curt Schilling approached him to develop KoA and start his own studio.

2) Bethesda is now the publisher of iD. If you think they DIDN'T pressure the studio to release an unfinished product that doesn't really even feature a MP component(an aspect which inherently has the most problems online), then I've got some great swampland in Arizona to sell you. Doesn't matter if the fix is a few lines of altering some config files in notepad, it's still there. And honestly, who do you associate more with bugs & glitches, Bethesda or iD?

3) "Oblivion, for all its hidden secrets, never felt like a game I wanted to explore; never felt like a world I longed to get lost in. I PLODDED from point A to B to C to wherever I needed to go, whether I was on a main quest or a side quest. Occasionally, I strayed off the path, into the woods. I found some ruins. Maybe a mine. But I never found ANYTHING that made me stop, stare, and go: 'Oh wow'...And I've certainly not seen a part of Skyrim [so far] that screams "I am my own game world." Sounds like more of the same was all I posted.

Balcrist2536d ago

only the chest and leggings have been replaced by a single piece, you still have gloves/gauntlets, boots/shoes and hoods/helm as separate and interchangeable armor pieces. If you need proof, look up the released perks regarding Heavy Armor...

invisiblezero2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

1)Ok true, you didn't state he chose Kingdoms over Skyrim. Maybe he did get burnt out, maybe he didn't, but where are you getting this "he chose retirement rather than make another redundant Elder Scrolls game?" Making claims without backing any of it up is just pointless dribble.

My guess is the thought of making his own game with his own studio was simply all he needed to come out of retirement, which you just stated.

2)Maybe they did pressure them into releasing it early. I did not state otherwise. However, I own the game and have ZERO problems other than the texture loads not being saved into the GPUs VRAM, which the txt file fixes completely (for the most part). Multiplayer didn't and doesn't interest me with Rage, so no comment on that aspect.

3)I was waiting for you to quote that.

That does not really say anything about "uninteresting fetch quests." He is simply stating that nothing in the "expansive open-world" is interesting to look at:

"Oblivion, for all its hidden secrets, never felt like a game I wanted to truly explore; never felt like I world I longed to get lost in. I plodded from A to B to C to wherever I needed to go, whether I was on a main quest or on a side quest. Occasionally I strayed off the path, into the woods. I found some ruins sometimes. Maybe a mine. I never found anything that made me stop, and stare, and go: “Oh, wow.” And I don’t think that’s for Bethesda’s lack of skill in providing a world full of intrigue to explore. I think it’s that I just didn’t get on with the type of world they’d provided."

I think using the word plodded is simply a poor choice. However, from what I read I feel the quests were the only things keeping him playing the game (based on that paragraph when compared to the rest of his article pertaining to Oblivion).

chainer30002536d ago


You really felt like you were simply walking from point A to B? Oblivion was an amazing game at release, both from a technical standpoint and from a quest variety standpoint. I remember building one of my first super-top-end computers back then just to watch the grass move from side to side. I don't think it was ever easier to fall into a world - I will give you that it can get stale after doing some of the guilds... but it certainly wasn't all that bad!

Jdub895O2536d ago

wow are you serious? They really changed up the armor system?

CBaoth2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

1) I watched a video interview w/ Ken Rolston (I believe it was from a X360 UK site) where he candidly stated he did everything he could with the series and he felt like it was time to move on. He wasn't interested in making more video games but along came the BHG and 38 Studios opportunity. He is an amazing person to see interviewed, so bluntly honest it's refreshing.

2) I just personally find Bethesda games to be the buggiest games on the market and they're ALWAYS given a free pass. And even the games they published this gen seem hurried and lacking in basic features. As a PC gamer I find it appalling having to force Vsync, or enable AA via our video card control panel to amend issues a few lines of code could've resolved. Compare it to Hard Reset, they even patched in FOV settings. It just screams laziness to me. Or pressured as in iD's case. Like they didn't want Rage to have to compete with the 2 military shooters, or UC3, or Halo, or their OWN product the following month. And I refuse to pay $60 for a PC game, it's the principle.

3) Ya knew I would :)

@chainer - I didn't say that, the author of the article did. That's why I used quotations!

I actually had an enjoyable time playing though OB despite its myriad of problems. On my 2nd playthrough however; I broke the game by closing every OB gate I found. On the 57th gate, one appeared NE above the Western city by a landmark in the wheat fields. Game froze. A black screen upon reloading; my previous 2 saves were also corrupted since I saved both AFTER I found it but did other quests before returning to it.

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gillri2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

whole I do agree Morrowind had a more interesting artistic design to the world than more of an earthbound feel that oblivion had

there is something to be said about exploring lush green forests, dense woods and craggy mountains also

also where as oblivion had more of an english woodland feel to it, Skyirm seems to have more of Scottish highlands feel.

The Meerkat2537d ago

Scottish highlands feel?

So cold, wet and any B&Bs will either be full or £150 a night.

Oh yeah and giant vampire Midges!

gillri2537d ago

well yes but thats whats it looks like!! I like it

looks like a hostile environment, rough and ragged

RankFTW2537d ago

Och aye, canny wait tay toss some cabers at some bammy npc.

JohnnyMann4202537d ago

Was a good read, but to be honest i disagree. I like the real world feel of oblivion. I am definately not worried whether i will like this game.

Tanir2537d ago

yeah, cant wait to get my hands on the goty edition, the wait for me is so much longer than most of you guys!!!

hotskys2537d ago

that's just cuz you're cheap. Can't complain when you're forcing yourself to wait longer.

jessupj2536d ago

Or maybe he just has standards and doesn't like being bent over and violated by nickle and diming DLC.

vickers5002536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )


Yeah, people are going to be totally ripped off by Skyrim, even though it probably has more content than RAGE, MW3, Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3 combined.

Yeah, he would totally be getting ripped off by completely optional DLC, DLC that will probably be longer than even one of the previously mentioned games.

Damn some of you are very stupid or very spoiled. Bethesda will probably end up giving you possibly one of the longest, greatest, most content packed games of all time for the mere price of $65 dollars, but you spoiled brats b*tch and whine whenever they announce DLC that you don't actually need to have a massively long, rewarding and awesome experience, of which you probably wont completely finish anyways.

Newsflash: YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT, and there will be a sh*t ton of content even if you don't buy the OPTIONAL dlc.

But yeah, if he didn't wait for the goty edition, he would totally get ripped off and be "nickled and dimed" to death. /s

omi25p2537d ago

I just hope there are no damn Oblivion gates in SKYRIM. I got sick of them by the end of Oblivion

Dovahkiin2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

They really were awful. I only ever did the Kvatch one... I'm glad to see the back of them.

omi25p2537d ago

I did all of the ones involved in a quest. In the end i got so bored of them i was just running straight to the top of the towers and not killing anything

JohnnyMann4202537d ago

I kinda liked the skin made buildings and lava rivers i would talk npcs into falling in

Gamer-Z2537d ago

Lol i know what you mean. I literally went around the whole game closing all the gates so i wouldn't have to deal with them anymore. FYI the fastest way to close them is to be invisible and just run to the end and grab that damn orb.

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