Survey Says: Gamers Don't Want 3D

It looks like 3D is here to stay but, according to a recent survey, gamers don's seem too keen to have it injected into their hobby of choice.

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P_Bomb2537d ago

It's because it requires the purchase of a new TV. Having played 3D at my friend's house, I have to say it can be pretty awesome at times and I'd love to have it, but not for another $2000. I'm tempted to get the Sony E3 bundle next month though.

buddymagoo2537d ago

There is still gamers that don't need HD (Wii) I like to have the option.

gamingdroid2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I will take it, if it is standard in TVs at no additional cost. Otherwise, I might be inclined to pass.

At the current prices, forget it!


I agree, I always like options as well as competition!

C L O U D2537d ago

They're comming out with monitors now that support hdmi 1.4a :)

gumchewinasskikr2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Another uninformed dude talking out his ass. You can get a 3d tv for well under $1000 now bro. just do a quick google search.

They are pretty in tvs atno extra cost now. Regular hdtvs use to cost more than what you can get a 3d hdtv 240 hz for these days. Like I said already I would put some links here but all you need to do is a 5 seconds google search to see the prices are way down now.

gumchewinasskikr2537d ago

Playr2 recently conducted a survey questioning 1,001 gamers, posing questions related to the future of 3D in gaming. When asked if they would welcome the introduction of 3D technology into future console releases, 51 percent of respondents answered "no." Only 47 percent said they would like to see 3D in next gen consoles while two percent were unsure.

So almost 50/50 means gamers don't want 3d? troll site. and only a sample of 1001? LOL Epic fail survey. This title is misleading.

kikizoo2537d ago

Exactly, 50/50 (with biased fanboys associating 3D/Sony and others frustrated because they don't have a 3D TV) can't be transformed in "gamers don't want 3D", it's just stupid.

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WhiteLightning2537d ago

We should be thankful that with 3D it won't dumb down games as much as motion control

gamingdroid2537d ago

Yes, because the majority can't use 3D while the majority can play motion control.

WhiteLightning2537d ago



But I wasn't talking about who can use it and who can't, where did you get that from

All I was trying to say is we should be lucky that we won't get developers like Rare for example turning into crappy shovelware stuidos to focus on motion control. It's not like that's going to happen with 3D.

nondecaf2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

@gamingdroid But for killzone it allowed for co-op.

LOGICWINS2537d ago

"We should be thankful that with 3D it won't dumb down games as much as motion control"

Oh really?

Play Killzone 3 with Sharphooter. Let me know if it was harder or easier :)

WhiteLightning2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Oh I didn't mean adding it on to hardcore games which already are good, just studios that, for example, Microsoft would rather open then ones which would focus on core games.

It's not like companies are going to open 3D studios like they've done with motion control focused studios are they

Let's face it when the Nintendo Wii came out with motion control it changed the gaming industry, started this whole casual/hardcore thing and made gaming so mainstream.....all thanks to motion controls.

Slicer2537d ago

The Move is a bigger fail than the 3DS.

kikizoo2537d ago

Only in your disturbed fanboy's mind..

it's a great success, sales first, but more than that for motion control, because accuracy is the key.

Slicer2537d ago

The 3D on the 3DS burned the fucking shit out of my eyes.

gamingdroid2537d ago

It took me a whole minute to start getting nauseous on the 3DS literally.

Even in the theaters, I start feeling my eyes are tired after the show. It's definitely one of those, low use and be cautious for me.

Number_132537d ago

You don't sound as happy as I would be if I had sh!t in my eye and somebody removed it

Slicer2537d ago

I saw that coming a mile away. Oh wait, i didnt, because the piece of crap burned my eyes out too. -(

Sobari2537d ago

I had no problem with the 3D effect on the 3DS. I can play for the entire battery charge with 3D of max without any negative effects.

Winkle922537d ago

Yeah why not? I dont have 3d now, but in 5 or 10 years I might. Might as well have the choice. I guess I'm pro-3D.

BattleAxe2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I think if you were to be playing in 3D all the time it would F*** your eyes up completely. I'm happy with high resolution graphics, and personally I think game makers should just try concentrating on making games in 1080p first. Most games aren't even made at 720p natively as it is.

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