10 ways to fail spectacularly with a Retro Lancer

OXM UK: "Gears 3's trickiest weapon, dissected."

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WolfLeBlack2509d ago

Ah, the Retro Lancer. My favorite weapon in the Gears series, now. In the wrong hands it's nothing but an annoyance to other players to be squashed, but learn how to use it and it becomes a weapon of terror and carnage :D

HammockGames2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Two ways to use the Retro Lancer:
1) Spray & pray (incredibly ineffective)
2) Fire in controlled bursts (devastatingly lethal)

Not a weapon for those that have no clue about recoil or an overly itchy trigger finger - they'll never hit anything (and probably bitch about it).

Personally, I find it a great weapon to prevent Gnasher and Sawed Off opponents from getting close enough to one shot me.

JellyJelly2508d ago

The hardest part about the Retro Lancer is finding ammo for it. Things listed in the article are very obvious imo. Shoot extremely short bursts with it and learn to use the run execution effectively and you're good.