This is what Zelda: Twilight Princess would look like in HD

Nintendo Everything: "I still feel that Twilight Princess is a great-looking game. It doesn’t have the prettiest textures in the world, but let’s remember that it was ultimately a GameCube title. It has great art in any case, which helps things for sure."

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Eamon2538d ago

Nice HD shots. It's a shame that the textures were crappy though because the lighting, atmosphere and characters lookd pretty good at the time.

Myze2538d ago

This is just one of those situations where it's a little misleading to claim that this is what the game would look like in HD. Sure, the resolution is gonna be higher, but that doesn't mean it's gonna look like a "next gen" console or PC quality title.

The game is impressive artistically, as are all Zelda games, but no matter what the resolution is, the game won't look like much more than a great looking Wii game. That's not saying that it's a bad thing, however, since I'm sure the game will be better than the vast majority of graphically superior games (like how Xenoblade Chronicles is superior than any other RPG released on any "next gen" system, even though it don't look as good as many of them).

Relientk772538d ago

I have Twlight Princess for GameCube, and yea these shots look very nice. Cant wait for Skyward Sword

mcgrottys2538d ago

i got TP originally on gamecube and I thought it was an amazing game visually. But sadly my gamecube died halfway through my second playthrough last year, and I was annoyed until I heard of dolphin and man it looks like it is a PS3/360 game when the native res is increased and with added AA and AF.

But one game that looks the most amazing on dolphin is brawl. I borrowed my friends copy and man it looks awesome.