Paul Plays Playstation: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

UnrealityMag: Welcome to the inaugural installment of a new segment I’m calling “Paul Plays Playstation.” It’s exactly what it sounds like, and I thought I could make it its own feature because most of the games I’ll be discussing here actually came out some time ago. I’ve only recently picked up a Playstation 3 after all these years, and now I’m able to finally play them and share my thoughts, albeit a few years behind schedule.

I have a whole host of PS3 exclusives lined up to review, and I’ll work my way through them over the coming weeks and months. But when I picked up the console, I knew immediately what title I wanted to play through first, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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firelogic2505d ago

He doesn't think the PS3 has a solid leg-up on the 360 in terms of graphics. Ok there buddy. Pit the top PS3 exclusives against the top 360 exclusives. You'll be hard-pressed to stick with that statement.

redmac2505d ago

PS3 offers the best graphics and that he cant see that is unbelievable! Just how much of an ignorant fanboy can he be?!

elshadi2505d ago

bec the site name is "UNREALITY mag"

DigitalRaptor2505d ago

Dear Lord you people jump to some erratic conclusions.

Ignorant maybe, but a fanboy? He's got a PS3 and by the sounds of it he loves the exclusives. Just like many of you right?

All I see is an open minded person.