The 15 Best Horror Games (GamePro)

Just in time for Halloween, GamePro names the 15 best horror-themed games that will scare even the most seasoned master of the macabre.

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Venox20082537d ago

Dead space extraction? really? :D it was intensive at times, but it really isn't one of the best horror games

Dead rising 2 isn't horror at all

Fear 3 is nothing when compare to first Fear

and no any Fatal frame? no any real Resident Evil game? (4rth is good, but no RE2, RE1, RE3, RE:0, REmake?..

and no any Silent Hill? do these guys even know what real horror game is? ..and seriously, no any Siren game? :D :D :D

yup, that's the list..

JaredH2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Yep. Resident Evil 4 may be considered the best RE game in design but it's definitely not the scariest.

sonicsidewinder2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Obligatory one game-per-page article...

there's gonna be a lot of these this month.

gillri2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

yes some dodgy picks there, gettign it in the right order will never pease everybody but at least get them in the top 15. IO think Bioshock is pushing it as a horror game. yes I have Alan wake and Dead space 2 in mine. But they are way scarier than Bioshock (which slightly scared me once)

In particular no order :

Silent Hill 2
Fatal Frame/Project Zero
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 4
Call of Cthulu
System Shock 2
Amnesia : TDD
Alan Wake
Dead Space 1
Dead Space 2
Doom 3
Silent Hill 3
Resident Evil remake (GC)

and 'The Cradle' level from Thief deadly shadows (most scared I have ever been in a game)
'The Ocean Hotel' level in Vampires The Masquerade

I know I have missed a few

those last two arent full games but those levels in them are so amazingly scary that they should be in there

In terms of how scared I was Amnesia or the Cradle Level in Thief 3 is the most scared I have been. Good to see Deadly Premonition got a mention also

If you absolutely had to make me pick I would say Silent Hill 2 is the best horror game ever created becasue its mixes sorrow, emotion and a cracking story in with the pshycological torment and brilliant imagery

Pikajew2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Horrible list. This guy only played games from this gen. And when he put RE4 he said it was an xbox 360 and PS3 game, ignoring the fact its on other consoles.

Person who made this probably started gaming this gen

Creepy=/=horror or scary

No_Pantaloons2537d ago

16 pages..... stop doing that crap. Trying to inflate hits like that is pathetic.