Metro: Last Light; PC and WiiU versions to cost $10 less than PS3 & Xbox 360 versions ?

According the the costs shown in Amazon. PC and WiiU versions of Metro Last Light are suppose to cost less.

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Voxelman2477d ago

lol and they will likely be the 2 best versions

Orpheus2477d ago

Metro Last Light :

1. Global Illumination ( 2033 had it disabled )
2. Heavy use of 3D objects instead of sprites
ex : the moss in 2033 was 2D , but in Last Light its 3D
3. Full use of Tessellation. See the humongous number of
worn out cars and the huge number of men in a room in the
screen shots.
4. Super quality textures : Metro 2033 had on average
2k by 2k textures. With LL it only gets better
5. Metro 2033 was the first game that was developed
with developers wearing 3D vision glasses, may be LL
will continue the trend
6. Animations have been improved , cloth physX ,better
sound , more wide open levels.
7. Attempt to fix all the complains the original had
8. Still use the original formula of survival horror not a
COD remake

9. In summary : This could be the most improved sequel
this generation.

Orpheus2477d ago

To get another surprise zoom in the grasses or leaves of this image:

Then zoom in the leaves of this image

What you see is that leaves in Battlefield 3 occupy two dimensional planes , where they bend , they bend suddenly in order to reduce polygon count but that does not happen in Metro Last Light

Now zoom in the branches of this image

Then zoom in the brances of Battlefield 3 trees, The branches in Metro spread out in different directions , another example of the extreme geometric detail used in Metro Last Light

Zoom in the shoe of the man in this image

then zoom in the shoe of the man in this image

Now zoom in at the face of the boy in this picture ( remember who he is ?)

Now zoom in at the face of the man in this picture

Are we close or have surpassed the Milestone ???

ninjahunter2476d ago

Metro just needs a new vegetation engine. from what i can see its the same one... very crude sprite system for the smaller branches and grass. infact... that looks alot like s.t.a.l.k.e.r foliage

Soldierone2476d ago

I thought this always happened? Why is it news lol...WiiU isn't that shocking either since Wii games were cheaper too.

CBaoth2476d ago

the $10 price hike this gen was the result of corporate greed and NOT a rise in the cost of developing software. After speculation that Witcher 2's budget was a mere 8 million, this will reaffirm the notion that downsizing resolutions and spending months optimizing code to run at acceptable framerates on "HD consoles" was the real culprit.

I think it's also significant because it means Nintendo is serious about luring 3rd parties back. They're ensuring the WiiU will not suffer the same launch issues as the 3DS.

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