GT.TV Exclusive look at Battlefield 3 Single Player New Footage

"Join the frontlines of Battlefield 3 as we take an exclusive look at the single player campaign. Plus, Combat Facts and Hey Ash, Watcha Playin'? on this week's GT.TV"

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ArchangelMike2541d ago

Yes, I know BF3 SP is secondary to it's MP, but I'm still looking forward to it. Mt pre-Order is still locked an loaded (no matter what 1UP, or Kotaku think).

omi25p2541d ago

If the graphics are as good as they are ment to be il pick it up just after launch. If they are almost the same the beta then Im not interest.

GrayFox0072541d ago

So you're buying a game only for its graphics. Kinda dumb. Anyway i remember they said the campaign in this game would be 15 hours, now they say 7-8 hours.

I can't believe a damn thing EA/Dice say about this game. All I know is the beta on PS3 sucked so bad I deleted it after two matches

omi25p2541d ago

No Im not buying the game based of the graphics.

Just from the BETA i know id like the gameplay if it didnt have all the bugs (which i hope dice will fix)

But i thought the graphics were some of the worst ive seen in recent years. So much so that it was stopping me enjoying the game. I expect the graphics to be PC quality because thats impossible on consoles.

But what i do expect are the graphics to be at least as detailed as Gears 3 on xbox especially after the stupid ammount of hype by Dice/Ea about the fact BF3 is going to be the best looking console game ever.

cyclindk2541d ago

BETA = not supposed to be illustrative of the final product, it's for product IMPROVEMENT purposes...

KaBaW2541d ago

"But i thought the graphics were some of the worst ive seen in recent years."
Wow. I don't know how it looked on PS3, but high standards much?
I personally think the graphics are great, and that is just the beta.
Supposedly the graphics will be better in the final build of the game.

fooxy2541d ago

Never heard DICE sad SP will be up to 15 hours and beta partially sucked because it was beta in ur case it means u were not cut for it or to test it

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PRHB HYBRiiD2540d ago

Am i the only one who thinks the beta graphics looked decent? heck it even looked better than black ops imo.

iamnsuperman2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

My main thing is are the missions actually fun. I am not expecting an in depth story/backstory. I would love this but it seems this genre lacks the story telling that appears in others. My previous experience with DICE single player story/story telling is not great (BC 1 and 2: 1 was better/funnier) May have to wait to see what the reviews say about the single player as I have the most fun and I prefer single player than multiplayer.

optimus2541d ago

i'm willing to bet you're over 28 or so. all these kiddies in here seem to care only about multiplayer; i've seen comments like "who buys battlefield for single player anyway??". well i couldn't care less about the multiplayer so this game better be good as a single player or it's going back before you can say battlefield 4.

HeavenlySnipes2541d ago

The health is still low
There are still campers (but I guess this is because of BF player mentality)

Back to UC3 MP I go!

Flotche2541d ago

1st no more glitch
2 more beautiful
3 its rush mode so the defenders have to wait the attackers
4 The amount of unlockable weapons and accessories is outstanding!
5 im UC3 FAN TOO!

Corax2541d ago

Dice needs to make a Capture the flag mode but instead of a flag you take a hostages back to your base. It'll be cool if the hostage was suited up with a bomb suit to transport so he can take suitable amount of damage and while he can take damage the medic will play a big role while transporting him. But the hostage shouldn't be already equipped with the bomb suit engineers should be carrying them to put on him.

Flotche2541d ago

like the co op demo at gamescom ?

Corax2540d ago

No, like a capture the flag mode with a hostage in multiplayer not in co op.

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