Rumour: Farmville film in pre-pre-production

"The alarming possibility of a film based on Zynga’s social gaming phenomenon Farmville emerged this week. Be afraid, be very afraid and hope that this forever remains a rumour." BeefJack

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Kran2392d ago

You're kidding?

What's it going to be about? A story IN Farmville or about the people who MADE Farmville like The Social Network?

Lets call this: The Farmville Network

Laxman2162392d ago

As much as I think both would totally suck, I would say it would be based in Farmville rather than about the devs.

I mean, look at the Battleship movie... Its about f'ing aliens! They can take anything with a popular name and turn it into something completely different than what it actually is.

P.S. Im actually looking forward to the Battleship film.

Kran2392d ago

I'll be watching the Battleship film too, and I agree about the aliens part. EVEN SIMPLE BOARD GAMES ARENT SAFE IN HOLLYWOOD.

OcularVision2392d ago

pre-pre-production = pre-production

and it isn't in pre-production.